Accepting Acuity Scheduling payments in person with Stripe

Enter your customer's payment information using the mobile admin app.

If you use Stripe as your Acuity payment processor, you can collect payments, and tips, for appointments using the Acuity Scheduling Admin mobile app. This is helpful if you’re booking appointments in person at an event, over the phone, or at the end of an appointment. 

If you’re using Square to collect payments for appointments, visit Accepting Acuity payments in person with Square

Before getting started

To accept tips in the mobile admin app, ensure tipping is enabled in the web-based version of your account. 

Take payment

To collect payment for an appointment:

  1. From the app home screen, tap the appointment you want to collect ‌payment for. 
  2. Tap Checkout.
  3. You can include add-ons or a gift certificate, package, or discount code:
    • Tap Add-ons, tap the add-ons you want to add, then tap Apply
    • Tap Code. Enter the code, then tap Apply
    • To remove a code or add-on, on the Checkout screen, swipe left then tap the trash can icon. 
  4. Tap Next, then select a payment option: 
    • Tap Credit Card, then select a card on file, or add a new credit card, then tap Continue. If ​​tipping is enabled, the client can choose to add a tip, then tap Complete Payment
    • Tap Cash, enter the amount and payment description, then tap Record Payment. You can send an appointment receipt for a cash payment if receipts for client payments is enabled.
    • Tap Share Payment Link to send a link to your client using your device’s built-in share apps, like text message, email, or other messaging apps. To learn more about payment links, visit Managing payments in Acuity Scheduling.
Note: If receipts for client payments through the scheduler are enabled, the Send email receipt box is checked by default. Uncheck the box if you don’t want to send a receipt.


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