Managing your calendar and availability in the Acuity Scheduling Admin mobile app

Customize when you're available for appointments.

You can add a new calendar, edit your availability, or change your scheduling limits from the Acuity Scheduling Admin mobile app settings. 

Add a calendar

To add another calendar:

  1. From the app home screen, tap Availability
  2. Tap Add Calendar
  3. Enter the calendar details, then tap Save
The number of calendars you can add depends on your Acuity plan:
  • Emerging - One calendar
  • Growing - Two to six calendars
  • Powerhouse - Seven to 36 calendars
  • Enterprise - Unlimited

Manage availability and scheduling limits

To change when clients can book appointments, you can update your availability and scheduling limits. 

Note: Depending on your device, when viewing your calendar in the mobile admin app, hours outside your availability may not be shaded to show their status. This is a display difference only. The times clients can book with you won't change.

Learn more about the different scheduling limits

Block off time from your calendar

To block off time:

  1. From the app home screen, tap the + icon, then tap Block time.
  2. If you tap Block Multiple Days, you'll choose a start and end date. Otherwise, you'll choose a date and a start and end time.
  3. If you want your block to repeat every week, tap Repeat and follow the prompts.
  4. After choosing all options, tap Add Block.

To learn more about preventing clients from booking appointments when you're busy, visit Blocking off unavailable time in Acuity Scheduling

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