Information and resources to help you get started selling booking codes.

Create packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions to sell your clients booking codes they can use to pay for appointments. You can encourage clients to buy appointments in bulk, send them as a gift to others, or to lock in a long-term relationship.

You can determine each package, gift certificate, and subscription’s value, and which appointment types the code can be redeemed for. Clients can then purchase these options from your scheduler or Acuity store page. 

Use this guide to learn how packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions work, how to use them, and what sets them apart from one another.

These features are available with the Growing and Powerhouse plans. Subscriptions are only available if you use Stripe or Square as your payment processor.

Create packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions


  • Create packages so clients pay for multiple appointments up front.
  • Unlike subscriptions, packages don't automatically renew. 
  • This is a good way to incentivize clients to buy a set number of appointments, often with a discount. For example, a client could buy a package to book five appointments for the price of four.

Gift certificates

  • Create gift certificates so clients can buy a certificate to give to someone else, which they can redeem to book appointments with you. 
  • A gift certificate doesn’t have to cover the whole cost of an appointment. The recipient can pay the remaining amount using whatever payment method you've set up. Recipients can use gift certificates for appointments and classes, but can't use them to buy packages, subscriptions, or more gift certificates.
  • This is a good option to boost holiday sales or to get satisfied clients to introduce their friends and family to your services. 


  • Create subscriptions so clients can schedule repeat appointments. 
  • You decide how often the client is charged a subscription payment.  
  • This is a good option if you offer services that clients schedule habitually, like a monthly treatment or service.
Note: For some Acuity customers on legacy plans, there are fees for selling subscriptions.

Sell packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions

You can sell a package, gift certificate, or subscription booking code directly to a client, or a client can purchase a booking code from your scheduler, or your Acuity store page. Learn how to sell packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions

Use packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions 

After a client purchases a package, gift certificate, or subscription, they can redeem the code to pay for an appointment. Clients can also click Schedule from the booking confirmation page or email and have the code applied directly. Learn how clients can redeem codes when scheduling an appointment. 

Manage orders and subscriptions

After you start selling packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions, you can edit or cancel a client’s order from the client list. This includes making updates to a client’s individual booking code, or canceling the code entirely. You can also review the remaining value of a client’s existing package, gift certificate, or subscription. 

If your clients have purchased subscriptions, learn how to update their payment method, cancel, or reactivate the subscription

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