Creating coupons for appointments and packages in Acuity Scheduling

Send a code to your client so they can pay for an appointment at a reduced price.

Create coupon codes with Acuity to entice clients to book appointments or buy appointment packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions. During the checkout process, clients enter their coupon code to receive a discount.

When you create a coupon, Acuity doesn’t automatically send the code to anyone. After you’ve created your coupon, advertise it or share it with clients so they know to use it.

You control if the codes are one-time-use only and if they expire. Coupons for appointments and coupons for packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions use the same mechanics, but coupons for appointments can’t be used for packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions, and vice versa. Clients can only apply one code to an appointment they book. That includes codes from packages, gift certificates and subscriptions as well as coupons. 

Note: It's not possible to create coupons in the mobile app. Instead, create coupons using a desktop or mobile browser.

Create coupons

To create coupons:

  • Appointments - Click Appointment types, click Coupons, then click New coupon for appointments.
  • Packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions - Click Packages, gifts & subscriptions, click Coupons, then click New coupon for products/packages.

Use these settings to offer your clients discounts:



Coupon code

The code a client enters at checkout to receive the discount. Click Enter multiple coupon codes... to create multiple codes that all have the same settings, including discount and expiration date.


The price reduction clients get, set as either a percentage or a set amount of currency.

This can be used

The number of times the coupon can be used. Choose from unlimited, once per client email address, or a total number of times, regardless of who’s using it.

Code applies to

The types of appointments or specific packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions that the discount applies to.

Expiration date

Decide when clients are no longer able to enter the code. For packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions, the expiration date limits how long they have to use the coupon to buy a package. It doesn’t limit when they can use the package to book appointments.
Contributors with view & edit access or higher can apply expired coupon codes to new appointments after the appointments are booked.

How clients redeem coupons

Clients can enter coupon codes during checkout by clicking Redeem coupon. After you’ve created a package, gift certificate, or subscription, the text changes to Redeem coupon/package.

If a client uses a coupon for a percentage discount on an appointment, the discount is calculated based on the total cost of the appointment, including any add-ons the client has selected.

If a client uses a coupon to start a subscription, Acuity applies the coupon only to their first payment.

How to add a coupon for a client

You can also apply a coupon to an existing appointment. To add a coupon code:

  1. In Acuity, click Calendar.
  2. Find the appointment in your Acuity calendar, and click it to bring up the appointment details.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Type the coupon code into the Code field, then click Save.
Note: If you apply a coupon to an appointment a client has already paid for, Acuity shows how much extra they’ve paid, but doesn’t automatically issue a refund. It’s not possible to process refunds in Acuity; instead, process them through your payment processor.

Edit coupons

Editing a coupon’s value changes the discount on past, existing, and future appointments. To change the discount only for future uses, create a new coupon instead of editing an existing one.

To edit coupons:

  • Appointments - Click Appointment Types, click Coupons, then click Edit.
  • Packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions - Click Packages, Gifts & Subscriptions, click Coupons, then click Edit.
  • Make your changes, then click Save.

Delete coupons

Deleting a coupon removes the discount from all the appointments on which it’s been used. To discontinue a coupon without affecting already-booked appointments, edit the coupon to expire rather than deleting it. If you delete all your coupons and also don’t offer packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions, Acuity removes the button clients use to enter codes during checkout.

To delete coupons:

  • Appointments - Click Appointment types, click Coupons, then click Edit.
  • Packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions - Click Packages, gifts & subscriptions, click Coupons, then click Edit.
  • Click Delete coupon, then click OK.

Groupon, Living Social, and other deal sites

Deal sites (such as Groupon or Living Social) work best with appointment coupons. You can create a new appointment coupon for your deal, and set the codes to be good for one use total.

Some deal sites, such as Groupon, may give you a list of codes that could be generated when a purchase is made. To create these codes follow the steps for creating a new coupon for appointments, then enter the codes from Groupon in the Coupon codes field.

If the deal site contacts you each time a sale is made, enter the additional codes as you receive them.

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