You can check an appointment’s payment status at a glance, or open the appointment details for full information. This guide explains how to view payments in Acuity. You can also find payment information in your payment processor.

Note: Payments made through Acuity invoices don’t affect appointment payment status.

At a glance

  • When viewing appointments in the Calendar panel, the top-right corner shows its payment status.
  • When viewing a client’s entry in the client list, each appointment summary includes information about payment status.

Here’s how each payment status displays:

Payment status Calendar panel symbol Client list status
Fully paid   Paid
Deposit paid Deposit
Card details saved Verified
Certificate code used for full cost Certificate
Certificate code used for part of cost Certificate
Unpaid or free Empty [No status listed]

Appointment details

When you click an appointment in the Calendar panel or the client list, you open the appointment details, which include cost and payment details. The Payment section shows the total cost, any payments already made, and the amount still owed.

payment details.jpg

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