Connect Acuity to ReferralCandy to automate referral tracking and seamlessly reward clients who send you new business.

When clients book with you, ReferralCandy sends them a referral link. They share the link with their friends, encouraging them to book with you as well. ReferralCandy tracks clients booking with these referral links so you can reward the clients who sent you new business.

Connect your ReferralCandy account

To connect Acuity to ReferralCandy, first add your site URL to ReferralCandy, then complete the connection in Acuity.

Step 1 - Link your site to ReferralCandy

To link your site to ReferralCandy:

  1. Sign up for a ReferralCandy account. 
  2. If your scheduler is embedded on a page on your Squarespace website or another website, enter the page’s URL as the store URL in ReferralCandy. If your scheduler isn’t embedded anywhere, use your scheduling page URL.
  3. Click Connect store.
  4. In Choose your connection type, under Do ​​you have a developer? click Yes.
  5. Choose JavaScript connection.
  6. Find your app ID and secret key in ReferralCandy. These are in the Plugin Tokens panel of the My profile settings. Save this information for the next step.

Step 2 - Complete the connection in Acuity

To finish the connection:

  1. In Acuity, click Integrations.
  2. Scroll down to ReferralCandy and click Set up.
  3. Enter your app ID and secret key. 
  4. Click Save settings.
Note: After completing the connection, referrals can take up to 12 hours to start appearing in your ReferralCandy dashboard. 

Create rewards

Set ReferralCandy to use coupon codes to automatically reward clients for referrals.

To create rewards:

  1. Create a coupon code in Acuity.
  2. Log into ReferralCandy.
  3. Click Edit Referral Program, then Rewards.
  4. Select multi-use code.
  5. Enter your coupon code from Acuity.

Test ReferralCandy

Test ReferralCandy by booking an appointment:

  1. Go to the URL you entered in ReferralCandy as your store URL.
  2. Book an appointment as if you're a client. ReferralCandy will send you a link. 
  3. Open a different web browser or incognito window, and enter the link ReferralCandy sent you. The browser will go to your scheduler.
  4. Schedule an appointment as though you are your client's friend.
  5. In your ReferralCandy Integration settings, check for a message noting your tracking code has been detected.
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