Integrating Acuity Scheduling with Zapier

Use Zapier, an online automation tool, to connect Acuity to other apps, including Google Contacts, Salesforce, and Infusionsoft. This way, you can make events in Acuity trigger actions in another app. Zapier calls these connections zaps.

Zapier isn’t compatible with Acuity's HIPAA-enabled setting.

How to set up a zap

As an example, the following steps explain how to create a zap that adds information to a Google Sheets spreadsheet every time a new appointment of one specific appointment type is booked in Acuity.

Step 1 - Create a spreadsheet

First, create the spreadsheet in Google Sheets that you’ll use to track information about your appointments.

Step 2 - Create a new zap and add a trigger

Begin the process of creating a zap by signing in, connecting Zapier to Acuity, and defining your trigger—the event that causes Zapier to send information to your Google spreadsheet.

  1. Go to and log in. If you don't have a Zapier account, sign up here.
  2. Click Create Zap.
  3. In the Trigger window, search Acuity Scheduling, then click it.
  4. In the Trigger event drop-down menu, select New appointment, then click Continue.
  5. If prompted, log in to Acuity, then click Continue.
  6. Use the Calendar and Appointment type drop-down menus to choose a calendar and an appointment type, then click Continue.
  7. Click Test trigger. If you haven't scheduled any appointments yet, you may need to schedule a test appointment and click Test again. Once a test has brought in appointment data, click Continue.

Step 3 - Create a new action and finish your zap

After you create the zap trigger, Zapier automatically moves you into the process of creating your action, which is what the app will do after a triggering event. With the action created, you can finish the zap.

To create the zap action:

  1. In the Action window, search for Google Sheets, then click it.
  2. Use the Action event drop-down menu to select Create spreadsheet row, then click Continue.
  3. If prompted, log in to Google Sheets, then click Continue.
  4. Use the Drive, Spreadsheet, and Worksheet drop-down menus to select the worksheet you want Zapier to update.
  5. Use the fields that appear to match your columns to the pieces of information Zapier can send over from Acuity. Keep in mind, you can send more than one field from Acuity to the same cell in your spreadsheet.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Click Test and continue, then click Turn on Zap.

Apps that work with Zapier

Among many other things, you can create zaps that connect to Acuity to take these actions when a new appointment is booked:

  • Add or update ActiveCampaign customers
  • Update Google Contacts
  • Create MailChimp subscribers
  • Add or update HubSpot contacts
  • Tag existing InfusionSoft contacts

Zap limit

Acuity supports up to 25 zaps per contributor. Each of your contributors with view & edit or administrator access can connect to Zapier.

Who to contact for support

Squarespace Customer Support can help you with connecting Zapier to Acuity. For help creating Zaps or using Zapier, contact Zapier or visit their documentation.

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