Selling and redeeming packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions

Access booking codes and apply them to your scheduled appointments.

Clients can purchase packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions and get booking codes to use to pay for your services. They can purchase them from your site, or you can buy and send them to your clients. 

After they purchase a package, gift certificate, or subscription, they can redeem their unique booking code when scheduling an appointment. Before you start selling, learn how to create packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions.

Note: The instructions below include links to Acuity settings separated by the kind of account you use to log into Acuity. Which kind of account do I have?

Selling options

Clients purchase directly

When you've made a package, gift certificate, or subscription available, clients can:

  1. Click the package, gift certificate, or subscription they want to purchase.
  2. Optional: To purchase more than one option, click Back in the top-left corner of the order page, then select another package, gift certificate, or subscription to add to your cart.
Note: The cart feature is separate from the checkout page for Squarespace Commerce.
  1. Enter their first and last names, email address, and optional phone number.
  2. Click Pay now and complete order, then enter payment details, and click Pay & finish. If you don't have a payment processor connected, they'll only click Complete order.
  3. Click Schedule on the confirmation page to use their code immediately. They can also find the code later in the automated email they receive.

To view or print a gift certificate, click View gift certificate in the top-left corner of the confirmation page. 

Tip: Encourage clients to create a client account with your business, so they can keep track of their active package, gift certificate, or subscription codes.

Buy packages, gift certificates, or subscriptions for your clients 

To buy a packages, gift certificate, or subscription for your client:

  1. Open the Calendar panel: I log in with an Acuity account | I log in with a Squarespace account
  2. Click the Add new drop-down menu, then select Order.
  3. Select a package, gift certificate, or subscription.
  4. Enter the client’s name and email address.
  5. Select a payment method. You can mark the payment as cash, use a stored card, or enter a new card, depending on your payment settings.
  6. At the bottom, click Pay now. The client will receive an order confirmation email with their unique code.

Keep in mind that if you marked the payment as cash for a subscription, there needs to be a valid payment method on file for the subscription to renew. To add a payment method on file for a subscription, edit the subscription. The client can also update their payment information through a link in their confirmation email.

Note: If you use Square as your payment processor, Acuity won't be able to store SCA-affected card numbers when you enter them on behalf of your client. If you enter an SCA-affected card number when selling a subscription, Acuity will process the initial purchase, but recurring payments will fail until the client enters their card. This doesn't affect card numbers clients enter through the scheduler.

Redeem package, gift certificate, or subscription codes

Clients can use a package, gift certificate, or subscription code when scheduling an appointment, or you can apply the code to their appointment for them.

Note: You can only apply one code per appointment. This includes coupon codes.

Client redeems a code

When a client books an appointment from your scheduler, they can click Redeem Package or Gift Certificate on the checkout screen, then enter their unique booking code in the text field. They can also enter the email address the code is associated with. 

Clients can also click Schedule on the order confirmation page or order confirmation email they receive after purchasing a package, gift certificate, or subscription. This is how clients can access any private appointment types that they can book with their code. 

Acuity only shows clients the option to redeem a code if you've created at least one package, gift certificate, or subscription. The button's wording is based on the types of offerings you've created. For example, if you've created only packages (and not gift certificates, subscriptions, or coupons), the button reads Redeem package

After clients enter the booking code and click Apply, they can book the appointment without paying. If the code doesn't cover the full cost of the appointment, they pay the remaining balance, then book the appointment. 

Note: Recipients can use packages, gift certificates, or subscription codes for appointments and classes, but can't use them to buy packages, subscriptions, or more gift certificates.

Redeem codes for clients when scheduling appointments

When booking an appointment for a client, click Forms, codes and notes, then enter the code in the Coupon or package code field. To apply a booking code to an existing appointment, open the appointment details and enter the code in the Code field in the Payment section.

Canceled and no-show appointments

  • If you cancel an appointment that was paid for with a package, gift certificate, or subscription code, and mark it as a no-show, the client doesn't get anything back. 
  • If you or your client cancels an appointment but you don't mark it as a no-show, the client gets the value of the appointment added back.
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