Your scheduler lives on an automatically generated website called your Client scheduling page. This is separate from any Squarespace site you have, and it doesn’t cost extra.

Should I add my scheduler to a website or use the client scheduling page?

If you have a website, we recommend adding your scheduler, so that clients can find all your information and booking in one place online. If you don’t have a website, direct clients to your client scheduling page to book online.

The scheduler on your client scheduling page is the same as your embedded scheduler, so appointments and availability sync seamlessly between the two. If you have a website, we recommend embedding your scheduler, then including direct links in your marketing emails to clients.

Find your client scheduling page link

To find the address of your client scheduling page, in Acuity, click Scheduling Page Link. The link is in the General Scheduling Page section.

Click Copy to add the link to your clipboard.

Find links to specific schedulers

To learn how to find links to schedulers for specific calendars, appointment types, and more, visit Direct links in Acuity Scheduling.

Customize your client scheduling page URL

Your default client scheduling page URL will be a or address. After you customize the address, your client scheduling page URL will end with

Clients who navigate to your default client scheduling page URL will still successfully reach your client scheduling page. But if you customize your URL, then later change it to something else, the first customized URL won't work.

To customize your client scheduling page URL:

  1. In Acuity, click Scheduling Page Link.
  2. In the General Scheduling Page section, click Change Link Name.
  3. Enter your new URL. Your URL can consist of letters, numbers, and hyphens, but can’t end in a hyphen. You can't add symbols (like $ or *) or special characters (like ü, é, or ñ). The customized stem of your URL must be between two and 65 characters long.
  4. Click Save.

Sharing your link

When you share your link, many technology platforms will create a preview of your link. These previews are often generated using the business name and logo you've set in Acuity.

If you've recently updated your business name or logo, but a social media platform is still using the old version when you share your link, check if the social media platform has a tool for updating link information. Here are some link-updating tools that might help you:



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