Using appointment locations in Acuity Scheduling

Set appointment locations to ensure clients and staff know where their appointments are. The appointment location is based on the settings you’ve selected. Appointment location can come from:

How Acuity decides which location to use

If there's more than one location Acuity could apply to an appointment—such as if there's a location for the calendar and for the appointment type—Acuity uses the list below to pick the highest-ranked option and sets that as the location.

This is how Acuity ranks potential location sources:

  1. Video conference - Integrations for video conferencing automatically set a link to the virtual meeting as the location.
  2. Address entered by client - You can use an intake form to have each client set their own address as the appointment location.
  3. Location by appointment type
  4. Location by calendar - If you set location on a calendar, it will be the location of all appointments on the calendar, unless the appointment includes one of the above sources.

Calendar location

This is the most basic and common way to set a location in Acuity. Unless an overriding location is added, all appointments booked onto a calendar carry the calendar’s location.

To set calendar location:

  1. In Acuity, click Availability.
  2. Click the Calendar settings button for a calendar.
  3. Enter a location in the Location field and click Save.

Appointment type

Setting location by appointment type is useful if you:

  • Have only one calendar
  • Have one type of appointment you always offer in one location
  • Have another type of appointment always held in a second location

To set locations by appointment type:

  • Contact Customer Support and ask us to enable this feature.
  • In Acuity, click Appointment types.
  • Click an appointment type.
  • Click Add a new location.
  • Enter your location, then click Save location, then Update appointment type.

Client address

If you ask your clients to enter their address while booking, you can choose to set their address as the appointment location.

To use client addresses for location:

  1. Find an existing form and add a new address question, or create a new form that includes one.
  2. In the Add Question field, click Address.
  3. Enter a question and, optionally, check the box for Required.
  4. Leave the box for Use this address as the location for the appointment checked, and click Save question and form.
  5. Use the Show this form when scheduling field to ensure this form is attached to the appointment types for which you need client address locations. If you make any changes, click Save.

Video conferencing

Acuity integrates directly with several video conferencing apps. If one of those integrations is set to create a new video conference when an appointment is scheduled, Acuity sets the video conference information as the appointment location. This is automatically done as soon as you’ve set up the integration. The video conferencing information overrides all other locations.

Change or delete a location

It usually isn’t possible to change the location of an individual appointment. Instead, update the setting that affects the location.

To update or remove a calendar location:

  1. In Acuity, click Availability.
  2. Click Calendar settings for one of your calendars.
  3. Enter the updated location, or leave the field blank to remove the location, then click Save.

To update a video conferencing-based location, update the settings of your video conferencing integration.

To update a client-entered address:

  1. Click the appointment to open the appointment details.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. In the form answers, near the bottom of the page, change the address the client entered.
  4. Click Save.

To stop using client addresses as appointment locations, edit your intake form to remove the address question or make it optional.

To update or remove an appointment type location:

  1. In Acuity, click Appointment types.
  2. Click an appointment type.
  3. To remove the location, use the Location drop-down menu to choose None (use calendar location if one is set). To update the location, click Add a new location…, enter the updated location, and click Save.
  4. Click Update appointment type.

Where appointment locations display

Acuity includes the appointment location on the client's confirmation page and calendar invitations. The location also appears anywhere you enter the tag %location% in an automated email template. The default templates for most notification emails already include the tag.

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