Use Acuity to optimize your beauty business. If you operate a salon, do nails, barber, style hair, apply makeup, run a spa, or operate another business in the beauty space, Acuity has a range of helpful features. This guide explains how to configure key features that many beauty businesses find helpful.

Tip: If you get started and decide you want more hands-on help setting up Acuity Scheduling for your business, you can hire a vetted expert.

Get started with Acuity

The best way to get to know Acuity is to start a free trial. Visit Starting an Acuity trial to learn more.

Create appointment types to offer a range of services

Create appointment types for each of the services you offer. Enter details like durations and prices, then add a description and images to highlight the factors that set you apart from the competition, like a well-executed fade, a special style of nails, or a specific makeup look you specialize in.

Create calendars for your staff and have them manage appointments

Add your staff members as contributors in Acuity to allow them to find upcoming appointments and manage booking. You can customize which calendars they can access, and you can block them from exporting your client list.

Create a calendar for each stylist so clients can choose which staff member they’ll book with. Staff members can use the calendars to enter the specific hours they’re available and sync their calendars with their personal calendars on Google, iCloud, or Outlook.

Use add-ons to get more value from each appointment

Are there extras clients can add to their appointments? Nicer lashes or acrylics? Or a straight-razor shave after a haircut? Consider using add-ons to maximize your profit. Clients choose these appointment enhancements during booking, and you can add them after the fact if they change their minds in the moment.

Accept payment online to streamline your clients’ experience

Collect payment online during booking by integrating with a payment processor. You can also use Acuity without a payment processor to record payments made in person.

Reduce no-show appointments 

Use Acuity's features to limit no-show appointments, ensuring your time isn't wasted. You can establish a cancellation policy, collect payment before booking, or send frequent reminders so clients show up at the scheduled time. 

Use data to track performance

Easily track how many appointments each staff member had, using the report feature. You can track appointments, revenue, tips, and more. This is a great way to check who your most profitable employees are, or to ensure work is being spread evenly across your employees.

Offer discounts to lock in customers

Let clients book five appointments for the price of four by selling appointment packages. In addition to package deals, sell clients gift certificates as a way to bring in new clients or subscriptions as a way to create predictable, long-term revenue. Or give them a coupon code good for 25% off their next appointment to encourage more bookings.

Combine Acuity with other digital tools

Acuity integrates seamlessly with Squarespace websites, though you can also embed your scheduler on any website or use Acuity without a website.

You can also add Squarespace’s Email Campaigns feature to send on-brand marketing emails. This is a great way to get clients thinking about the new look they want for an upcoming holiday or vacation with plenty of time to book an appointment.

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