Creating paired drop-off and pick-up appointments in Acuity Scheduling

If your business processes something for clients, such as tax returns or sewing alterations, you can configure Acuity to prompt clients to book a pair of appointments. 

Clients schedule the drop-off appointment like any other appointment. Then, your confirmation message and automated reminders prompt them to book the pick-up appointment.

Step 1 - Set up the drop-off appointment type

To schedule paired appointments, your client must first book a drop-off appointment. Start by creating an appointment type called Drop-off appointment or something similar and making it public. Your client can then book their own drop-off appointment on your scheduler.

Step 2 - Create a pick-up appointment type

Create another appointment type called Pick-up appointment or something similar, and make it private.

Step 3 - Give clients a direct link for scheduling the pick-up appointment

Once clients have booked the drop-off appointment, send them a direct link to book their pick-up appointment. When they click the link, they’ll be taken to a scheduler with the appointment type already selected.

You can put the link in several places:

If you've added the information to the confirmation message, you can duplicate the information in any of your email templates using the tag %typeconfirmationmessage%.

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