In Acuity, you can create a series of classes or a multi-day workshop to engage with your clients in the long term. This guide covers how to create a class series and what your clients will see when booking these appointments.

Create a class series

To create a series of classes that take place across several days:

  1. Create a new group class in your Appointment types, ensuring you check Clients must sign up for all the times this is offered.
  2. Click Create appointment type.
  3. On the confirmation screen, click Offer class.
  4. Choose the calendar your class series will appear on.
  5. Under Offered at, choose the date the class starts, then enter in the time.
  6. Click Recurring... to choose how often the class date repeats.
  7. Click Save class. A list of the dates the class occurs on appears for your review.
Tip: To offer multiple sessions of a class series, you need to create a separate class for each session. For example, to offer a workshop in February, then again March, you need to create a class series for February and a separate class series for March. This also applies to class series you want to offer annually, in which case you'd need to create a new class series each year.

Keep in mind:

  • You'll need to complete the full set-up above for each set of classes, courses, or workshops you offer, even if it is the same subject.
  • To hide a class series after it starts or ends, set the appointment type's Access setting to Private.
  • After a class series starts, clients can only join if you add them to each class individually.

Add clients to a class series that has already started

To book a client into a class series that’s already started:

  1. In Acuity, click Calendar.
  2. Click the next class in the series, then click +Attendee.
  3. Click Client name, then enter the client's name, phone number, and email address.
  4. If a class in the series has already taken place, click Remove next to that class time so the client isn't added as an attendee to the class that they missed. 
  5. Click Schedule Appointment.

How clients book a class series

When clients select a class in a series from your scheduler, they'll see a list of the dates and times of each class in that series. By booking the first class listed, they’ll instantly be signed up for every class date offered in the series. 

When appointment notifications are enabled, clients receive one confirmation email for all class dates booked in the series immediately after scheduling. Separate reminder notifications are sent prior to the start of each class date in the series.

If a client cancels a class in a series, they're automatically removed from every class. Clients can't cancel a class series after the first class takes place

How clients pay for a class series

When a client books a class series, they pay for the entire series up front. In the client's class details, the paid amount appears to be split between the number of classes in the series.

For example, if a client signs up for a workshop that takes place over three days and costs $300, they pay $300 when they book the class series, and Acuity divides that money across the three workshop sessions. When you review the client's class details for the first date of the workshop, the Payment section shows the total price of the appointment is $300; the individual session cost is $100, when the amount was paid; and no more money is owed.

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