When your clients finish the booking process, they're shown a confirmation page.

Content of the confirmation page

The confirmation page includes:

  • A success message
  • The appointment type name, date, and time
  • A link to join the meeting, if you've set up a video conferencing integration
  • Buttons to add the appointment to third-party calendars like iCal and Google Calendar
  • Buttons to reschedule, cancel, or edit the appointment
  • A customized confirmation message, if you've added one

Add a confirmation message

Use appointment confirmation messages to tell clients more about your business, let them know what to expect, or thank them for booking. You can add images of your space, link to map directions to your location, remind them of your policies and contact info, and more.

You can customize an appointment confirmation message for each of your appointment types. Your message will display under the Cancel, Reschedule, and Edit Forms buttons on the appointment confirmation page.

Tip: If your client adds their appointment to a third-party calendar program such as Google Calendar or Outlook, your confirmation message is included in the event details.

To add an appointment confirmation message:

  1. In Acuity, click Appointment types.
  2. Scroll down to an appointment type, then click Edit.
  3. Under the Name field, click Show a message after scheduling....
  4. Customize your message in the text box that appears, then click Update Appointment Type.
  5. Repeat Steps 1 to 4 for each appointment type that needs a confirmation message.
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