After setting up Acuity, go through the scheduling process as if you were a client to verify everything’s working the way you want. This guide explains how to find your scheduler, how to handle appointments that cost money, and how to delete your test appointments when you're done.

Step 1 - Create a test coupon

If you haven’t integrated with a payment processor and aren’t collecting payment during booking, you can skip this step. Otherwise, start by creating a test coupon that allows you to book test appointments for free. Don’t share this code, and review our steps to delete your test client and test coupon after you’re done testing.

To create a coupon code for testing:

  1. In Acuity, click Appointment types.
  2. Click Coupons, then click New coupon for appointments.
  3. Enter a code of your choice.
  4. Set the discount to 100 percent.
  5. Use the This can be used drop-down menu to select Unlimited uses.
  6. Use the Code applies to drop-down menu to select Any appointment type.
  7. Leave the Expiration field on Doesn’t expire.
  8. Click Save coupon.

Step 2 - Find your scheduler

If you’ve embedded your scheduler in a website, go to that page on the website, as if you were a client.

If you haven’t embedded your scheduler, find your general scheduling page link:

  1. In Acuity, click Scheduling page link.
  2. In the General scheduling page section, click the link.

Step 3 - Schedule a test appointment

To schedule a test appointment, go through the scheduler as if you were a client, choosing an appointment type, date and time. Depending on your settings, you might also choose a calendar, or select an add-on.

If you’re collecting payment during booking, use your test coupon to cover the cost of your appointment.

Step 4 - View your test appointment

After you’ve created your test appointment, open the Acuity panel to verify everything works the way you want. View your test appointment in the Acuity calendar and in the client list to experience how both work.

To open your appointment in the Acuity calendar:

  1. In Acuity, click Calendar.
  2. Click the test appointment to view the appointment details.

To open your appointment in the client list:

  1. In Acuity, click Clients.
  2. Click the name you used to book your test appointment to open the client profile.
  3. Click the test appointment to view the appointment details.

Step 5 - Delete your test client and cancel your test appointments

When you’re done testing, delete the client profile created by your testing and cancel all of the test appointments you generated.

To remove the client profile and all associated appointments:

  1. In Acuity, click Clients.
  2. Click the name you used for testing to open your client profile.
  3. Click Delete, type DELETE when prompted, then click Ok.

Step 6 - Delete your test coupon

If you didn’t create a test coupon, you can skip this step

To delete your test coupon:

  1. In Acuity, click Appointment types.
  2. Click Coupons, then click your test coupon.
  3. Click Delete coupon, then click OK.

Test your payment processor

To test the payment processor you’ve integrated with Acuity, you’ll need to make an actual payment, then send yourself a refund. Your payment processor will charge a fee for the transaction, which won’t be refunded.

Follow the steps above, but instead of creating a coupon good for 100 percent off, create a $ discount coupon that deducts all but $2 of the appointment cost. Processing a charge of $2 will minimize the fees you pay while ensuring the amount is large enough to be accepted by all payment processors.

Then, when you’re reviewing the appointment details, click the arrow next to the payment notation to be taken to the payment details in your payment processor. Issue yourself a refund in the payment processor. After you’ve triggered the refund, complete the final steps, deleting your coupon and deleting your client information and canceling your appointment.

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