If you’re a client of a business that uses Acuity, create a client account to streamline your scheduling experience.

Client accounts are only available for businesses that have this feature enabled.
Tip: This guide is for Acuity clients who want to learn about client accounts. If you’re a business owner who uses Acuity, visit Client accounts in Acuity to learn how your clients use their accounts and how to enable or disable client accounts.

What having an account does

With a client account:

  • You can review all of your past and scheduled appointments. Each appointment links to its confirmation page, where you can get calendar invites and make changes to the appointment if the business allows it.
  • You can review all of your active package, gift certificate, and subscription codes.
  • More information will autofill for you when you book new appointments.

Create an account

You can create an account on the appointment confirmation page.

There are two ways to access the appointment confirmation page:

  • Finish booking a new appointment.
  • Click Change/Cancel appointment in one of the automated emails that Acuity sends you.

From the confirmation page, to create a new client account:

  1. Click Register for an account.
  2. Enter an email and a password.
  3. Check the box to consent to our Terms of Service and acknowledge that you understand our Privacy Policy.
  4. Click Sign Up.

You'll receive a confirmation email asking you to verify your account. After you complete this verification, appointments and packages you've previously booked using your email address will be associated with your client account.

Log into your account

On the business' scheduler, click Log in the top-right corner to log into your client account. You can do this if the scheduler is a standalone page, or if it’s embedded in a website.

You can also log in through the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app.

Access your appointment list and available codes

To view a list of all your appointments and all codes available to you, go to the business' scheduler and log in. You can do this if the scheduler is a standalone page, or if it’s embedded in a website. You can also do this with the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app.

Your appointments and available codes will appear above the scheduling interface.

What if I book an appointment while logged out of my client account?

If you're still on the confirmation page, you can log in to assign the appointment to your client account. If not, the business owner can assign your appointment to your client account.

What if I have appointments with multiple businesses that use Acuity?

If you have an Acuity client account with one business, you can use the same information to log in with any other business that uses Acuity and has enabled client accounts. When you log in via a business' scheduler, you can review your appointments and codes for that business only.

Reset your password

To reset your password:

  1. Go to the scheduler you want to book with and click Log in.
  2. Click Forgot your password?.
  3. Enter your username and click Reset password.
  4. Follow the instructions in the password reset email to finish resetting your password.

Updating your username

It's not possible to update the username associated with a client account. If you need to use a new email address for your client account, create a new client account with the new email address.

Delete your client account

For help deleting your client account, please contact us at support@acuityscheduling.com from the email address associated with your client account. If you use your client account with the Acuity Scheduling Client mobile app, you can also request deletion directly through the mobile app.

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