What is Acuity Scheduling?

Learn what Acuity Scheduling does and how it’s related to Squarespace

Acuity Scheduling is a complete online scheduling solution for your business. Acuity offers powerful tools, including calendar syncing, automated email and text message reminders, payment processor integrations, and more.

Tip: If you get started and decide you want more hands-on help setting up Acuity Scheduling, you can hire a vetted expert

Is Acuity the same thing as Squarespace Scheduling?

Acuity was acquired by Squarespace in 2019. For several years, we offered Squarespace Scheduling, a rebranded version of Acuity for new customers using Squarespace accounts. At the same time, we continued to support our many loyal customers through the Acuity brand.

Now, we’re uniting the scheduling experience under the Acuity name for everyone. If you’ve been using Squarespace Scheduling, you’ll find everything works exactly the same, even if the name is different. If you’re new to Acuity, read below to learn how to get started.

Why we’re changing the name back to Acuity Scheduling

To provide a consistent experience for all our customers, new and old, we decided to pick a unified brand that reflected our commitment to providing a powerful, flexible, and affordable scheduling solution. Given Acuity’s history of doing just that, it was the clear choice.

What’s changing?

The biggest change is the Acuity name and logo replacing Squarespace Scheduling branding.

There will be no change to your account’s features, setup, or billing. As we refocus on the Acuity mission, expect exciting new features to roll out in the coming months. 

If you ask us a question, your answer will come from the same friendly Customer Support team as always. And we have this new, Acuity-centric help center.

Do I need a Squarespace website to use Acuity?

You don’t need to sign up for anything else to use Acuity. Acuity includes a separate scheduling page clients can visit to book appointments, and you can embed your Acuity scheduler in almost any website. 

If you decide to add a Squarespace website, you can use Squarespace’s tools and beautifully designed templates to build an online presence that’s more than a booking page. In addition to displaying your appointments, you can sell products, create a blog, offer video courses, and more. And you can embed your Acuity scheduler in your Squarespace website without needing to write any code by using the Scheduling block.

How do I get started with Acuity?

When you sign up for Acuity, you’ll create a Squarespace account that you’ll use to log into Acuity. Visit Getting started with Acuity to learn how to sign up and log in.

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