Acuity Scheduling billing if you log in with a Squarespace account

Important information about paying for and managing your Acuity subscription.

If you log into Acuity with a Squarespace account, this guide is intended for you. If you log in with an Acuity account, visit Acuity Scheduling billing if you log in with an Acuity account.

This guide covers billing plans for Acuity Scheduling and important details about managing your subscription. You’ll manage billing for Acuity directly through your Squarespace account. We charge the same card you use to pay for your site.

Before you begin

Your Acuity subscription is separate from your site subscription. You can use Acuity on its own, or add it to a Squarespace website. If you cancel your site subscription or let it expire, you can continue using Acuity from your expired site. Auto-renew for Acuity will stay on unless you disable it.

Plans and pricing

Choose from three different plans, depending on the features you need. For a list of plans and prices, visit the pricing page. You can change your billing plan at any time.

For a list of payment methods and currencies you can use to pay for your Squarespace subscriptions, visit Ways to pay for your Squarespace subscription.

Acuity may be subject to state and local sales taxes. If your account is subject to tax, you’ll see it added at checkout. To learn more, visit our guides on taxes in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, the European Union, or Australia.


Besides the Acuity plan, you may encounter the following fees:

  • Payment processor fees - We don't charge you to integrate Acuity with payment processors, but your payment processor will charge you a fee to use their service.

  • Text messaging fees - Any text messages sent by Acuity to you or your clients are free to you. Standard messaging rates apply for clients receiving text messages.

Acuity free trial

When you start using Acuity, you'll be on a free trial. The trial version is equivalent to the Emerging plan.

When your trial ends, you won't be charged until you choose an Acuity plan. Everything you've done will be saved, but you'll need to purchase a plan for clients to continue booking appointments.

Subscribe to Acuity

To sign up for Acuity as an addition to an existing Squarespace website:

  1. In the Home menu, click Scheduling.
  2. Follow the prompts to upgrade.
  3. Select Monthly or Annual billing cycle.
  4. Select the Acuity plan that fits your needs.
  5. Click Confirm payment.
  6. If your bank is located in the European Economic Area (EEA), you may need to authorize the purchase.

To sign up for Acuity on its own, go to the signup page, and click Try Scheduling. Only site owners and contributors with Admin permissions can purchase an Acuity subscription for a site.

View and manage your subscription

In the Billing panel, you can review your Acuity subscription details, including:

  • Billing plan
  • Activation date
  • Billing cycle
  • Renewal date
  • Auto-renew status

In the Invoices panel, you can review your invoices for individual Acuity charges. Each invoice includes:

  • Payment date
  • Billing plan
  • Payment amount
  • Prorated charge or refund (for plan changes)

Change your Acuity billing plan

You can change your Acuity billing plan at any time. To learn more, visit Changing your Acuity billing plan.

Cancel your Acuity subscription

If you no longer need your Acuity subscription, you can cancel it at any time.


To prevent service interruptions, Acuity subscriptions are set to renew automatically by default. You can see the renewal date for your Acuity subscription in the Billing panel.

For annual accounts, we send an email reminder 15 days before your renewal date to give you time to update your credit card information or turn off the renewal. To renew your subscription, you don’t need to take any action as long as the credit card you have on file is valid.

To disable auto-renew for Acuity added to an existing Squarespace website:

  1. Open the Billing panel.
  2. Under Subscriptions, click Scheduling.
  3. Switch the Renew automatically toggle off.

To disable auto-renew for Acuity used on its own:

  1. In the Home menu, click the three dots at the top-right of your Acuity subscription's card, then click Billing.
  2. Click your subscription.
  3. Uncheck Renew Automatically.

When your billing cycle ends, your subscription will expire. All of your calendars and settings will be saved, but clients won't be able to book appointments.

For steps to cancel your Acuity subscription immediately, visit Canceling and deleting your Acuity subscription.

If we can’t charge your card for a renewal

If we can’t authorize the renewal charge, your Acuity subscription will be past due. We’ll attempt to charge the credit card on file over the next 15 days. You can update your card at any time during this grace period to manually push a charge.

If we still can’t charge your card after 15 days, your Acuity subscription will expire, and your clients won't be able to book appointments with you.

Expired subscriptions are treated as canceled. Depending on your settings, you may be able to reactivate a canceled Acuity subscription. To lean more, visit Canceling and deleting your Acuity Scheduling subscription.

Enterprise plans

If one or more of the following accurately describes your business, contact us to discuss enterprise options for Acuity:

  • You expect to process an exceptionally high appointment volume.
  • You have legal or compliance needs your Acuity service must meet.
  • You’re interested in managing multiple Acuity accounts.
  • You prefer or require specialized Acuity support.
  • You need more than 36 calendars.
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