Using Acuity Scheduling for two businesses at once

To use Acuity for more than one business, we recommend you set up Acuity separately for each. You can make full use of all Acuity's customizations, and notifications to clients will be marked as coming from your specific business. You’ll also be able to set up your payment processors to direct the proceeds of each business to separate accounts. 

This guide covers settings to be aware of if you're using Acuity for two businesses at once.

Tip: If you get started and decide you want more hands-on help setting up Acuity Scheduling, you can hire a vetted expert

Business names and logos

It's not possible to have more than one business name or logo.

  • If you leave these fields blank, automated notifications to clients will say they come from your email address, instead of the business name. 
  • If you keep branding off of your scheduler, you can embed it in multiple web pages, each with its own branding.
  • Instead of embedding your general scheduler, you can embed schedulers for individual appointment categories or calendars on different web pages.

Scheduling instructions

Your scheduling instructions are global and can't be customized by calendar or appointment type.

  • Leave your scheduling instructions blank or generic.
  • Customize calendar or appointment type descriptions, and create custom categories.

Payment processors

If you accept payment through Acuity, it’s not possible to split the money between multiple accounts. You can use two payment processors, but the setting is global, so both options are offered for all your appointment types.

Customized links

It’s not possible to have two customized link roots. You can have two separate custom links for different calendars or categories, but they have to start with the same URL. 

Keep your base URL generic, then add branding to the customized extensions tied to individual calendars, categories, or appointment categories. For example, if you operated tours in multiple cities, you might make the link to your San Francisco calendar and the link for your Los Angeles calendar

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