You can generate reports about your Acuity calendars and appointments. Use these reports to calculate payroll, gauge client interest in different appointment types, or track which staff members clients are likely to book appointments with.

Note: The instructions below include links to Acuity settings separated by the kind of account you use to log into Acuity. Which kind of account do I have?

Available reports

Open the Reports panel to view the following reports: I log in with an Acuity account | I log in with a Squarespace account

  • Appointments - A summary of all booked appointments, listed by type. 
  • Revenue - The total revenue generated from appointments, add-ons, tips, packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions. This data is broken down by payment processor. 
  • Users - A list of all scheduled appointments, identifying those booked by admins and those self-booked by clients.
  • Intake Forms - A list of all answers to a particular intake form question.
  • Add-ons - A summary of add-ons purchased with appointments and revenue from add-ons.
  • Tips - A list of tips from appointments scheduled on each calendar.
Note: The Revenue report doesn't include cancelled or no-show appointments. 

Appointments reports

In Appointments, generated reports also cover:

  • Total number of appointments
  • Total duration of appointments
  • Total price of appointments

For these reports, you can set a time frame and filter by specific calendars. You can also run reports on all scheduled appointments, paid vs. unpaid, and canceled vs. no-show appointments.

The Total column displays the price the client paid for an appointment. This can differ from the price you've set for that appointment type if the client used a coupon or you changed the price of the appointment type after the client booked their appointment.

Appointment date vs. booked date

By default, reports show appointments on the date they occurred. To instead run reports based on the dates that appointments were booked:

  1. Choose the report you want to run.
  2. Use the Date range drop-down menu to choose Custom date range.
  3. Enter the dates you want.
  4. Check the box for Show appointments that were scheduled during these dates, instead of when it occurs.
  5. Click Show.

Report on packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions

To analyze the revenue generated from the purchase of a package, gift certificate, or subscription, use the Revenue report. This displays the revenue earned on the date the package, gift certificate, or subscription was purchased, not the date it was used. 

To understand when a package, gift certificate, or subscription was used toward the cost of an appointment, use the Appointments report. This displays the package, gift certificate, or subscription that was used to pay for the appointment. The data entry captures the date the appointment will occur, not the date the package, gift certificate, or subscription was purchased.  

If appointments were booked using a package, gift certificate, or subscription code that the client bought, Acuity allocates a portion of that package, gift certificate, or subscription value to each appointment using the following formula: (Total cost of package ÷ number of credits/minutes/$) x minutes/credits/cost taken up by the appointment booked.

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