Acuity can be a great fit for acupuncture practices, with options to help you maximize the flow of patients while protecting your process and setup time. This guide explores Acuity features that are helpful for acupuncture practitioners.

Dica: ao começar, se você precisar de mais ajuda prática para configurar o Acuity Scheduling, é possível contratar um expert certificado

Use our HIPAA compliance-related features to protect patient privacy

Acuity can be part of a HIPAA-compliant technology setup. We offer a specific suite of changes to our standard product for customers on the Powerhouse plan who enable our HIPAA-relevant features. To learn more, visit Acuity Scheduling and HIPAA.

Offer appointment packages to lock-in revenue

Give patients a discount for committing to several sessions at once, or encourage them to introduce friends by giving gift certificates. To learn more, visit Packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions.

Charge on a sliding scale

Enable pay-what-you-want pricing so your clients can pay on a sliding scale. You can also set minimum prices while still giving clients the option to pay higher amounts if they can. This is a great way to keep your practice accessible to all parts of the community.

Create customized calendars for each practitioner

Create a calendar for each practitioner, including a description of their experience and a headshot. You can also add them as contributors so they can log in and manage their own appointments. Consider adding front desk staff as contributors as well, so they can help manage appointments.

Use overlapping appointments to simplify your workflow

Use negative padding to create overlapping appointments and simplify running multiple rooms as a solo practitioner. Interview and prep your second patient while you have your first patient on the table with needles in.

Customize forms to gather client information

Add intake forms to have clients fill out new patient paperwork as they book. Keep track of your patients’ progress with notes of your own using the notes field in each appointment, or customize your information tracking by adding your own internal form.

Combine Acuity with other digital tools

Acuity integrates seamlessly with Squarespace websites, though you can also embed your scheduler on any website or use Acuity without a website.

If you use a Squarespace website, you can also add Squarespace’s Email Campaigns feature to send on-brand marketing emails and community updates to your clients directly from your site. This is a great way to remind clients to book early ahead of busy periods.

Get started with Acuity

The best way to get to know Acuity is to start a free trial. To learn more about starting your trial and setting up Acuity, visit Getting started with Acuity.

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