Tracking appointment changes and notification activity in Acuity Scheduling

Each appointment has a changelog that tracks booking, all changes made to the appointment, and all notifications sent for the appointment. If you’re worried that a client isn’t getting the notifications they need, or curious how an appointment ended up booked at a certain time, check the changelog.

Access the appointment changelog

To access the changelog for an appointment:

  1. View the appointment details by clicking the appointment in the Acuity calendar or client list. For classes, click the class, then click the attendee’s name.
  2. Click View all changes and notifications sent.

Changelog is located below time zone

What the changelog tracks

The changelog tracks the following information:

  • Notifications sent to both Acuity users and clients
  • If notifications were delivered or bounced
  • If email notifications were opened (depending on privacy settings)
  • Changes to the appointment made by both Acuity users and clients
  • Any reschedulings or cancellations
  • SMS text message reminders sent

How to read the changelog

The changelog is a chronological list of events, starting when the appointment was scheduled. Each action is listed in bold on the left, with the time on the right. Any additional details for each action are listed below it in gray text.

In the example below, the first entry shows the appointment being booked and the date and time that happened. The details below (blurred out in our screenshot) show which Acuity user booked the appointment for the client and their IP address.

Changelog is a list of events

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