Encouraging your Acuity Scheduling clients to review your business

Reviews can help you burnish your reputation in the community and encourage new bookings. While it's not possible for clients to leave reviews for you directly in Acuity, you can link to an external review page or connect to ReviewRail to collect reviews from clients.

Link to an external review page

Include a link to your business’s external review page at a third-party service such as Yelp or Google Reviews in the body of your follow-up emails and appointment confirmation messages.

Connect to ReviewRail

Use a third-party developed integration that connects Acuity to ReviewRail, an online tool for soliciting client feedback. After connecting, you can automatically import your customers and ask for their feedback directly. To learn more about setting up this integration, visit ReviewRail's website.

​​Because this integration is developed and maintained by a third-party developer, it falls outside our scope of support. If ​​you have questions about this integration, contact the integration provider directly.

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