If you’re preparing to file taxes for a small business that uses Acuity, you may need to include some of these financial details in your reporting. 

Note: This guide is available as a resource, but shouldn’t be construed or relied upon in any way as legal, accounting, or tax advice. Per our Terms of Service, Squarespace doesn't provide advice or recommendations about laws applicable to your business. If you have questions about taxes, consult with a tax advisor.

Subscription invoices

The steps for reviewing the invoices for your Acuity subscription are different depending on whether you log into Acuity with an Acuity account or a Squarespace account. Which kind of account do I have?
If you log into Acuity with a Squarespace account, follow the instructions in Reviewing your Squarespace account invoices.

If you use an Acuity account to log in, click My account, then scroll to the Current plan section and click View receipts.

Card processing fees are handled by your payment processor, and aren’t recorded in Acuity.


To view your Acuity revenue, click Reports, then click Revenue.

Acuity reports attribute package, gift certificate, and subscription revenue to the date the client paid.

By default, Acuity reports attribute appointment revenue to the date of the appointment. To see a report with appointment revenue attributed by booking date:

  1. Use the Date range drop-down menu to choose Custom date range.
  2. Enter your date range.
  3. Check the Show appointments that were scheduled during these dates, instead of when it occurs box.
  4. Click Show.

Revenue reports don’t reflect:

  • Refunds. These are issued through your payment processor, not Acuity. This can cause your Acuity revenue total to differ slightly from your payment processor’s revenue total.
  • Appointments for which there’s no recorded transaction (either recorded as cash or processed through your payment processor.) If you mark an appointment paid, but don’t record a transaction, Acuity won’t include the cost in your revenue.
  • Transactions processed outside of Acuity.

Package and gift certificate balances

To determine remaining balances on gift certificates and packages sold through Acuity, follow the steps listed in Managing packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions.

Tax documents

Because Acuity doesn’t directly process your clients' payments — they’re routed through your payment processor — Acuity does not provide tax forms about those payments. These forms are available from your payment processor. For U.S. Form 1099 information, visit these links:

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