Using Acuity Scheduling for your accounting business

Use Acuity to streamline your operations as you run your accounting business. This guide highlights useful features for accountants using Acuity.

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Create calendars for staff

Use one calendar if you’re a one-person business, or create independent schedules for each staff member. Add pictures and descriptions to help clients connect to your staff. To learn more, visit Managing availability and calendars.

Give staff appointment management access

You can add your staff members as contributors. They can log in, review upcoming appointments, book new appointments, and view and edit clients’ intake forms.

Pool staff calendars to simplify booking

To prioritize getting clients appointments as soon as possible, you can assign appointments to whomever is available, rather than letting the client choose a specific staff member. To learn more, visit Pooling calendar availability in Squarespace Acuity.

Offer a variety of services with appointment types

Use appointment types to separate the different services you offer. For example, you can create appointment types for clients to drop off and pick up documents.

Collect custom information with intake forms

Gather information and tax documents before your clients arrive. Some tax professionals create intake forms with multiple file upload questions, so clients can upload several documents before their appointments. Each file upload question can accept one file. To learn more, visit Client intake forms and agreements in Acuity.

Sync your calendar

Connect your Acuity calendar to Google, Outlook, or iCloud. You can automatically block off the times you’re busy, preventing conflicts before they happen. To learn more, visit Syncing appointments with third-party calendars.

Add online booking to your website

Display your Scheduler on your website to encourage your clients to book appointments. Acuity integrates seamlessly with Squarespace websites, although you can also embed your scheduler on any website or use Acuity without a website.

Combine Acuity with other digital tools

If you’re already combining Acuity with a Squarespace website, add Squarespace Email Campaigns to send on-brand marketing emails. This is a great way to remind your clients of important deadlines and prompt them to book appointments.

Get started with Acuity

The best way to get to know Acuity is to start a free trial. Visit Getting started with Acuity to learn more about starting your trial and setting up Acuity.

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