Acuity began as a tool to help a massage therapist—the creator's mother—book clients. Designed from the start with massage in mind, Acuity includes a range of features to make your practice run smoothly.

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Create specialized appointment types

Create custom appointment types for each type of session you offer. In addition to having different names, durations, and prices, these appointment types can include descriptions of the services you offer. You can also include pictures of the specialized equipment you use or the calming location they’ll visit.

Add padding between appointments to give yourself time to write notes, reset your massage table, or take a break.

Give each staff member their own calendar

Acuity is great for a one-person practice, but as you grow, you can add calendars for each staff member or location with our Growing and Powerhouse plans.

Add pictures, descriptions, and addresses to calendars to help clients feel comfortable booking.

Sell add-ons

Want to offer an aromatherapy upgrade or add an extra 15 minutes to a client’s massage? Create add-ons to change the cost and duration of appointments. Clients can choose these add-ons at booking, or you can add them later if the client decides to splurge during their appointment.

Offer gift certificates, packages, and subscriptions

Offer gift certificates so satisfied customers can gift your services to their friends and loved ones. Packages offer a bulk discount to clients who buy many appointments at once, while subscriptions create reliable income by charging regularly for repeating appointments. Packages and subscriptions are excellent ways to get your clients visiting you regularly. To learn more, visit Packages, gift certificates, and subscriptions.

Gather custom information from clients

Use forms to gather extra information from your clients when they book. Forms can be a good way for a client to sign an informed consent or agree to terms and conditions before their appointment.

You can make forms required so clients need to complete them while booking, or you can leave them optional for a more laid-back experience.

Accept payment seamlessly

Use Stripe, Square, or PayPal to collect payment online when clients book. This is a great way to avoid discussing cost during appointments. It also simplifies your business, removing the need to collect cash, write receipts, and transport deposits to the bank. If you prefer to collect payment in person, the Acuity Scheduling Admin mobile app can integrate with Square card readers.

Send clients email notifications

Acuity can automatically send each client an email confirming their appointment, plus more reminders as it approaches. Confirmation emails give clients confidence about their upcoming experience, while reminders help reduce the risk of no-shows.

Email notifications are completely customizable, and can be customized per appointment type. To learn more, visit Email notifications for Acuity clients.

Combine Acuity with other digital tools

Acuity integrates seamlessly with Squarespace sites. You can also embed your scheduler on any website or use Acuity without a website.

If you use a Squarespace to log into Acuity, you can add Email Campaigns to send marketing emails and updates to clients. Your campaigns can tell clients about the new technique you learned or to remind them that massage gift certificates make a wonderful last-minute gift.

Get started with Acuity

The best way to get to know Acuity is to start a free trial. Visit Getting started with Acuity to learn more about starting your trial and setting up Acuity.

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