Using Acuity to schedule vaccinations

Use Acuity to easily and effectively organize your Covid-19 vaccination program. Allow clients to schedule appointments online, send automatic reminders, separate first-dose and second-dose appointments, collect patient information, prompt patients to schedule their second dose, and more. This guide outlines some of the features you might find helpful when scheduling vaccinations.

If you expect exceptionally high booking volume or are looking for a more complex setup, please contact our support staff.

Control when appointments are booked and limit the total number of appointments

Adding scheduling limits is the best way to manage high-demand, low-supply appointments.

Control how far in advance of appointment time clients may book an appointment, how many appointments can happen at the same time, and how many total appointments are allowed in a day or week. If you have multiple calendars, such as for multiple sites, customize your limits for each calendar.

Say, for example, you are open from 8 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday, offer appointments every 15 minutes, have 100 doses available each day, have the ability to administer doses to three patients at the same time, and want new appointment slots to become available frequently to avoid a mad rush of people trying to schedule at once. Here’s how you could set your scheduling limits:


Scheduling Limit


Can offer three appointments at a time.

Appointments per Time Slot set to 3.

Each time slot will hold three appointments.

Have 100 doses available per day.

Maximum Appointments set to 100 per day.

Acuity will allow up to 100 clients to schedule appointments each day you’re open.

Want new appointment slots to be available frequently.

Minimum Hours is set to 168.

Clients can book up to a week in advance. Because you offer appointments from 8 am to 5 pm. Monday to Friday, every weekday, new appointments will open up every 15 minutes from 8 am to 5 pm for appointment slots one week in the future.

Note: Instead of promoting a date and time that appointments will open up, we recommend you enable booking just before you begin telling clients how to book online.

Learn how to set your scheduling limits≫

Offering different hours at different sites

Create a separate calendar for each site you operate. Each calendar can have its own hours and scheduling limits. Let clients choose the site that’s best for them or send them direct links to calendars for specific locations and/or private appointment types.

Read more about creating calendars for each site≫

Putting your scheduler onto a website

Embed your scheduler onto almost any website using code that Acuity will generate for you. Add your main scheduler in one spot, or put the scheduler for each location on a separate page.

See our guide to embedding your scheduler≫

Verify clients qualify for the vaccine

Have clients fill out an intake form when they sign up for an appointment. Ask a series of questions and have staff vet their answers, or require them to check a box agreeing to a statement that they meet criteria you lay out.

Learn how to set up an intake form≫

Separate appointments for first and second doses

Offer separate appointment types for first-dose and second-dose appointments, and make the second-dose appointment type private, so only clients who’ve scheduled the first appointment can schedule a second. Have Acuity automatically send them the link to schedule their second dose (either with a reminder for their upcoming first-dose appointment or as a follow-up after their first-dose appointment). Or have your staff book the second appointment for clients while they’re getting the first dose.

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Which plan to use

Our Powerhouse plan includes up to 36 individual calendars (useful if you have multiple locations). Powerhouse plans can also be configured to support your HIPAA-compliant business practices, including by signing a BAA with Acuity. The Powerhouse plan costs $550 per year. Learn more about the Powerhouse plan≫

For users who want more than 36 locations, we offer the Powerhouse Plus plan for $3,000 per year. Contact us for more information about Powerhouse Plus≫

Enterprise solutions, which include engaging with our teams on your legal or security needs, account management, and VIP support, start at $15,000 per year. Connect with the Enterprise team≫

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