Using one Acuity account for two or more businesses

You can use one Acuity account to offer scheduling for two or more businesses, but there are some important restrictions to keep in mind:

  • You can have only one business name and one logo/branding per account. We recommend not using these fields, or keeping them generic, if you're going to use multiple businesses. If you leave the business name field blank, the account email will show in the "from" line in appointment notifications to clients, so you may want to use a nonspecific email, as well.
  • Your account settings and customization will apply account-wide, which means they cannot be customized by calendar or appointment type. This includes your scheduling instructions. We do have more specific-fields you can change, such as setting an appointment type description and tailoring email notifications by appointment type. Many users find it best to keep their Acuity settings fairly bland, then use direct links to point to or embed specific parts of their scheduler on their existing website. That way, they can control their branding outside of Acuity.
  • Acuity cannot direct payments associated with separate businesses into separate payment processors or payment processor accounts.
  • You can customize direct links, but all customized links must share a common root. For example, and would be fine. But you couldn’t have and in one account.

If those limitations are a deal breaker, we recommend using two separate accounts. Sign up for a second account here ≫

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