Creating a 1-way subscription from Acuity to your outside calendar

A 1-way subscription is a feed that sends your Acuity events to an outside calendar system.

The standard way of linking Acuity to outside calendar systems is via a two-way sync. Those syncs send Acuity events to the outside calendar and pull events from the outside calendar to Acuity. That allows Acuity to block off time when you are busy based on your outside schedule. Learn more about two-way syncs.

A 1-way subscription will pull information from all calendars in your account — for example, if you have two calendars in your account, there wouldn't be a way to subscribe to only one calendar and not the other.

How to set up a one-way sync


  • Go to Business Settings > Sync to Other Calendars.
  • Click on the 1-way Subscription tab 
  • Use your calendar program’s method of adding a calendar.
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