Planning to file your business taxes

Note: This guide is available as a resource, but shouldn’t be construed or relied upon in any way as legal, accounting, or tax advice. Per our Terms of Service, Acuity doesn't provide advice or recommendations about laws applicable to your business. If you have questions about taxes, consult with a tax advisor.

Pulling together information to start filing your business taxes? Here are several tools businesses find useful when gathering information at tax time.

Expense Statements

Receipts for your Acuity service fees can be found in the My Account section. A separate receipt for each payment made will be available by date.

You can find documentation of credit card processing fees in your payment processing account (outside of Acuity). If you have any questions about documentation of those fees, reach out to your processor.

Tax Documents:

Because Acuity doesn’t directly process your clients' payments — that’s all handled by your payment processor — Acuity does not provide 1099s. These forms should be available from your payment processor, though.


Acuity includes a revenue report within your account.

Some things to note about the Revenue Report

  • Sales processed outside of Acuity will not be reflected
  • Refunds are not tracked in the revenue report. (A report provided by your payment processor may differ because of this.)
  • Appointments where the Paid? checkbox is checked, but no payment is processed (either as a cash payment or via credit card) will not be counted towards the revenue total.

When is money recorded?

The revenue report will include revenue from appointments that occur during the timeframe you select and packages that are purchased during the timeframe.

If you choose Custom Date Range and select the checkbox Show appointments that were scheduled during these dates, instead of when it occurs, the revenue report will show income from appointments that were booked and packages that were purchased during that time period, regardless of when the appointments actually took place.

Package/Gift Certificate Balances

If you need to determine remaining balances on gift certificates or packages sold through Acuity, check out this help article.

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