Acuity tips for CPAs in tax season

Acuity can be a helpful tool to streamline your life this tax season as a CPA. Below we’ve highlighted features that have proven useful for others in your industry.

Calendars for staff - These can be independent schedules for each of your staff members or a single calendar just for yourself. If you have appointments that require multiple staff members take a look at our joint calendar option here.

Users - set up each of your staff members with access to their own Acuity calendar to manage their appointment and availability. Click here to learn more about users.

Calendar pooling - If you don't want your clients to choose an individual calendar (or individual staff member), you can have Acuity assign the appointment to whichever calendar is available. You can find that in the Customize Appearance section. This is a sub-tab of the Client's Scheduling Page in the lefthand menu. More information on how that feature works is available here.

Locations - Depending on your situation appointment location could be important. There are a number of ways to determine and communicate location in Acuity. Check them out here.

Appointment types - Frequently we’ve seen tax professionals use a workflow of shorter drop-off and pick-up appointments. If this is what you’re looking for, take a look at our suggestions here

Intake forms - Gather information, including file uploads of tax documents. One file can be uploaded per file upload question in the intake form. If you find clients have multiple files, you can use multiple file upload questions. More on intake forms is available here.

Calendar syncing - Be sure to avoid double booking if you are already using an external calendar. Read more about calendar syncing here.

Client notifications - If you find that couples are booking one appointment, but both want to be notified of the appointment that is doable! When booking the couple can enter multiple email addresses and/or phone numbers separated with a comma. More on how that works here.

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