Create Black Friday deals with Acuity

Black Friday is a great opportunity to use coupons and packages to offer your clients great deals through Acuity.

The key with all of these tools is to advertise the deal: Send coupon codes out to your clients; make sure to let your clients know about special packages.

Do you want a walkthrough? Check out our webinar on Black Friday deals in Acuity.

Appointment Coupons

Coupons for appointments are available with all paid plans. Your clients receive a code, which they can then use to get a discount when booking an appointment. Let’s take a look at some ways you can deploy it to delight Black Friday buyers:

Create a Black Friday deal

Create a coupon code and set it to expire the day after Black Friday. Because codes expire at 12:00am, the code will expire just as Black Friday ends.

Create a deal for your first 10, 50 or 100 customers (or any number you choose)

Create a coupon with a total number of uses. Once the code has been used the number of times you’ve specified, no one else will be able to use it. This incentivizes your customers to jump on the deal quickly!

Create VIP codes for group of clients

If you want to give a special reward or incentive to one group of clients, you can create a group-specific coupon code. Examples could include THANKYOUVETS or FORPARENTS.

Some notes about coupons for appointments:

  • The coupons will be live as soon as you create them, so you will want to wait until Black Friday itself to distribute the codes.
  • A coupon good for a percentage off of an appointment's cost will apply to any add-ons the customer selects as well. If that could be an issue for you, consider making the coupon good for a specific dollar amount, rather than a percentage of the cost.
  • If you have other coupons available, clients won’t be able to combine them with the Black Friday deal — Acuity only accepts one coupon per order.
  • A coupon that is good for a total number of appointments can be used for recurring appointments, too. If it doesn’t cover the entire run of appointments, the customer will owe whatever isn’t covered. If you want it to only be good for the first appointment, make the coupon good only once per customer.

There are two types of coupons in Acuity — for appointments (discussed above) and for packages (discussed below). You cannot use the same code for both types of coupon.

Appointment coupons and package coupons live in separate sections of your account. Click here for appointment coupons. Click here for package coupons.

Packages and Gift Certificates

Packages allow you to sell clients multiple appointments bundled together, typically at a discounted rate. Gift certificates allow your clients to give their friends and family one or multiple appointments with you, or a discount the next time they book. Both tools are available on the Growing and Powerhouse plans. Let’s examine some ways you can wow your customers with these features on Black Friday:

Offer a Buy One Get One Free sale

Create a package that’s good for two appointments, but only costs as much as one appointment. (Note: There isn’t way to limit how many of these packages each client purchases.)

Advertise gift certificates as a great holiday present:

Enabling viewable gift certificates will allow the purchaser to print the certificate and give it to the recipient, or to email it to the recipient after purchase.

Offer a coupon for packages

Think of it as a discount on a discount. These coupons operate similarly to the appointment coupons described above, but they’re good for a dollar amount or a percentage off when purchasing packages. You can limit these coupons to one use per customer email address. Like the coupons above, they should be set to expire the day after Black Friday. And they are live as soon as you create them, so be careful not to share them too soon.

Some notes on packages:

  • Do not delete your package when the sale is over. You can make it private, but if you delete a package, you will invalidate the codes customers received when they bought the package.
  • You can go to Business Settings > Packages, Gift Certificates & Subscriptions and use the settings at the top of the page to control whether these options appear on your client scheduling page.
  • Confused about the difference between packages and gift certificates? Think of a gift certificate as a package your client can give to someone else.
  • Clients can buy packages through the scheduling page, or your can generate codes for them.
  • Remember, coupons for packages and coupons for appointments (discussed at the top of the page) cannot use the same code.

How to tell if a coupon is for appointments or packages: The pages for appointment coupons and package coupons look similar. If you have both types of coupons, there will be a link a the top fo the page directing you to the opposite type of coupons. So, if you see a link to the package coupons page, you're on the appointment coupons page, and vice versa.

Black Friday Deals Webinar 

Would you rather have an expert demonstration on creating these deals? Check out our webinar below!


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