Acuity Certified Experts (ACEs)

Acuity’s in-house support experts are always happy to answer your questions. But sometimes you want more than answers — you want hands-on help. That’s where Acuity Certified Experts (or ACEs) come in.

ACEs are independent pros who:

  • Have proven that they are Acuity virtuosos.
  • Use Acuity in their own businesses.
  • Provide quality customer service.
  • Keep up-to-date on our latest features.

ACEs can work with you over the phone or through virtual meetings, providing in-depth, personalized help polishing your Acuity setup.

These specialists are certified in up to three areas:

  • Set-up Ninjas change settings and configurations to help you achieve the Acuity experience you’ve envisioned. If you love Acuity but are a little uncomfortable with all the technology involved, these are the folks for you.
  • Business Strategists help you figure out how to use Acuity with your business. They can also help you set up integrations connecting Acuity to apps that handle invoices, bulk email, referrals and similar tasks.
  • Technology Wizards go beyond Acuity’s settings to do development work. Call on them if you want an unusual app integration or need a bit of code for just the right look.

Acuity doesn’t charge you anything to connect you to these experts, nor do we take a cut of their fees. Because they’re independent, rates are a matter between you and your ACE.

Ready to hire an ACE? We’d love to connect you.


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