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Nov. 6, 2018

Sales Tax: Acuity is legally required by some U.S. jurisdictions to collect sales tax when we bill you for your Acuity plan. Read more.

Nov. 5, 2018

Categories for Packages: Organize your Packages, Subscriptions and Gift Certificates by assigning them their own Category name.  

Sept. 10, 2018

Zoho CRM Integration: Easily sync your appointments and manage them directly within Zoho. Learn more and connect

Labels for Appointments: mark your appointment as confirmed, extra important (!), or even mark clients as checked-in with labels. Learn More

Announcements prior to Sept. 10, 2018

Predictive Booking: We just made scheduling even faster. Now, when you book a new appointment, we'll suggest clients whose appointments just ended or are ending soon. Select one, and we'll fill in all their information for you. This feature is available on the website and in the latest version of the mobile app.

Package Terms & Conditions: You can now require clients to agree to your terms before they purchase a package, gift certificate, or subscription. To enable this feature, go to Packages & Gift Certificates and check the box to "Require clients agree to your terms before placing an order"

ReviewRail Integration: Automatically gather reviews and feedback from your customers with our new ReviewRail integration (third-party developed). Learn More 

Instagram Integration: Add Acuity Scheduling to your Instagram profile. Learn More

Follow-up emails can now be set to only send when clients don't have any upcoming appointments. This is a great way to remind people to book their next appointment if they haven't already. Set it Up

ACE Program: Acuity Certified Experts are available right now for 1-on-1 set up, ongoing business support, advanced integrations, and much more. Find an ACE

Customized Short Links: Make direct links easier to remember by customizing them. Anywhere there is a direct link, like to specific calendars or appointment types, choose "Customize Link" to set a custom shorter link that can be used instead. Learn More

Make Me Look Busy: The 'make me look busy' option under Scheduling Limits' will randomly hide a percentage of time slots from your client's scheduling page. This can be useful when most of your days are completely open to help you appear more in demand. Learn More

Cluster Appointments so they are scheduled back to back with the new 'minimize gaps between appointments' option under Scheduling Limits. This is a great way to optimize your schedule into contiguous blocks of appointments. Learn More

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