Accepting payments through Square readers

Once you've set up the Square integration in your payment settings you'll be able to process payments using card numbers. If you want to use a card reader as well, see the instructions below. Click here to see the fees Square charges.

The Square Reader can only be used in the Acuity mobile app, not through a browser. It can only be used by businesses with US-based Square accounts.

You can pair Square with Paypal. This is controlled in Business Settings > Payment Settings

Magstripe Reader

The magstripe reader can be connected via the headphone jack. Once connected, the mobile app should recognize the reader. You will then be able to swipe the client's credit card to make a payment.

Just a heads up: The app might request permission to access the headphone jack/microphone. Make sure to tap Okay or Accept so that the Acuity Mobile App can access the connected swiper.

Contactless/Chip Reader

There's no need to download the Square payment app separately; you can connect your contactless reader through the Acuity Mobile App directly. (But it's absolutely fine if you have the Square app installed already!)

If your reader is not currently connected, tap the Reader Settings button. Tap the Connect a Reader button and follow the on-screen instructions to pair your device and reader. You should only have to do this once.

Once the reader is successfully paired, use the back arrow and the 'X' at the top of the screen to return to the payment page.

Then, when you're ready to take payment, tap the Pay with Square Reader button at the bottom and either dip the client's card or have them tap their device to the reader to take payment.



If you'd like to give clients the option of adding a tip to their service, log in to your account and head to Business Settings > Payment Settings. Make sure the option to leave a tip is enabled.

It is fine to have a payment requirement other than "Require Full Payment" (any payment requirement is okay) - just make sure the tip option is selected and save the settings.

When you process a payment through the Acuity Mobile App, the client will be given the standard tipping options of 10%, 15%, and 20% in addition to a Custom Tip box. They'll also be able to select "No tip":




If the green "Pay with Square Reader" button doesn't appear to be working (no change in the screen) head over to Settings for your mobile device.  Scroll to the settings for the Acuity Scheduling Mobile app.

Check to see if access to the Microphone is enabled.  If it's greyed out, it's disabled, click on the round slide to enable the microphone access changing it to green.

Head back over to the Acuity mobile app and proceed with payment.





If the Microphone is enabled, try force closing the mobile app and logging in again.




Acuity Mobile app & Square App usage

Square only permits one connection to a reader at a time — either from Acuity's Mobile App or from Square's own app. If you need to use both apps, you may need to reconnect the reader prior to processing a payment on the Acuity side.




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