Integrating with Instagram

By adding a Book call-to-action button to your Instagram page, you allow people viewing your Instagram posts to instantly book with you through Acuity.


  • This feature is only available on paid Acuity plans.
  • Instagram recently changed its integration process. The steps below are the most reliable option we've found. If you try the steps below and encounter an error, please contact us.

What you need:

How to set it up:


  • Log into Instagram on your mobile device.
  • Tap Edit Profile
  • In the Public Business Information menu, tap Contact Options
  • Tap Add an Action Button
  • Select Acuity Scheduling and tap Next.
  • Tap Next again.
  • Follow the prompt to continue as your Instagram business profile.
  • Tap Next to confirm your Acuity account. (You may have to log into Acuity to complete this step.)
  • Tap Go to Profile


If you are unable to connect when logging in as the Acuity account's main admin, and your Instagram Business Profile is connected to your Facebook Business Page, you may be able to approve the connection through your Facebook settings. Log into your Facebook Business Page or the Facebook App Store, go to Business Integrations, click or tap Acuity Scheduling, and select Also connect my Instagram Business Profile.




To remove the button from your Instagram business page:

  • Go to your business profile and tap the settings button in the top-right corner.
  • Tap Edit Profile > Contact Options.
  • Select the call-to-action that you want to remove on your business profile and delete it.

Video Tutorial ⚓️

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