Mobile App Permissions (Android)

App Permissions:

We want you to feel that we don't abuse your data so here's why we need each permission:


  • Camera: We need the camera permission to allow photo uploads on your Intake Forms or Calendars


  • Contacts: This one is needed by our Payment Processors (if you're using one - i.e Square) and not by us, to make sure you are who you say you are, and to prevent fishy actions while on a transaction.

  • Location: This one is again needed by our Payment Processors for security reasons, and only for as long as you're making a transaction. (Other than that we don't use the location at all)

  • Microphone: We need that for two reasons. First we need that in order to connect with Magstripe readers, or other readers so that you can bind those in our app. Secondly we need that permission in order to allow you to record a voice message while leaving feedback through our in-app-feedback tool

  • Phone State: We need that permission in order to pause tasks from running in Acuity whenever someone calls you

  • Bluetooth/BT Pairing: We need that to bind wireless card readers or Stands with Acuity, and allow you to receive payments through those

  • Appear on top of other apps: This is again needed by our Payment processors for security reasons (in order to prevent other apps from recording your data while you type in sensitive information)


That should do it. Hopefully this article gives you an idea of why we need all of those permissions.

Have fun.

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