Make Me Look Busy & Minimizing Gaps

There are two additional ways that you can control the Availability that your clients see to help give the appearance that you are in high demand and/or to maximize your day and prevent unnecessary gaps between appointments.  Both of these features are under your Scheduling Limits.

Make Me Look Busy

This feature is great if you have a lot of availability but want to appear a bit more booked up or busy to your clients.

You will still see your entire availability on the admin side of your calendar, but your clients will only see the percentage of the time slots that you have allowed:


When your day has no appointments booked on it, the system will hide that full percentage of open time slots from your clients' view so only a portion of available times will appear to them.

As appointments get booked in, the percentage that is hidden will adjust until you reach that percentage level and then all open time slots will show to clients.

For example, if you have a total of 10 appointment options for the day and choose to hide 50% of your appointment times. To start with, five times will appear to clients. When one appointment is booked, then 5 time slots will still show as open as there are still 9 slots available and the system will round up to 5 for 50%.

As more appointments are booked in, the number of slots that show to clients will reduce until 50% of your day has been booked in. And then all remaining time slots will show to your clients to choose from.

Note: Make Me Look Busy does not apply to class appointment types, since those are offered at specific times.

Minimizing Gaps

If you are offering many different start times and want to ensure that you don't have large chunks of your day without appointments, this feature also in your Scheduling Limits can help!

Rather than allowing a client to book in at 9:00am and another client to book in at 12:00pm, enabling the option to minimize gaps will ensure that all appointments are booked next to one another.

Once enabled, you can choose to avoid any gaps at all throughout your day, so new appointments can only be booked right before or right after an existing appointment.

Or, you can prevent small gaps but allow larger gaps of 2-6 hours.  This way, you can make sure that you don't consistently have 20 minutes in between each of your appointments; BUT it is ok to have a cluster of morning appointments and a cluster of afternoon appointments.


If there are no appointments booked yet on a given day, the system will show ALL open time slots until the first appointment is booked. Then the system will cluster the remaining slots that show to your clients around those existing appointments.

If your account is set up to allow multiple appointments at the same time, the system will try to fill every opening in one time slot before opening up a new time slot.

*If you choose to enable both features under Scheduling Limits, then before anyone schedules and the day is completely available the 'Make me look busy' will be used to only show a percentage of spots. Once someone books, then 'minimize gaps' will take precedence and only show spots next to other appointments.


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