New FreshBooks

Under Business Settings > Integrationsyou can integrate with FreshBooks

Click "Connect to FreshBooks (New)" to log in and connect your Freshbooks account. This allows us to create clients, invoices and payments in FreshBooks for you.  

New clients will now be created as new appointments are booked in Acuity. Under "Settings", you have three options:

  • Don't create an invoice, just add them as a client
  • Create a draft invoice, but don't send it
  • Create an invoice and send it by email

Payments made through Acuity will be automatically added to invoices we create in FreshBooks, and invoices can be disabled for free appointments.  If an appointment is canceled or rescheduled in Acuity, invoices will not be updated automatically.

As a side note, we are only able to create invoices on a simple template. 

Read on for more details about client information, products & packages, and classes.

Client Information

First name, last name and e-mail address are synced to FreshBooks automatically.  You can sync other information from appointments and intake forms to clients in FreshBooks by selecting the fields in your integration settings.

Packages & Products

Currently we don't create invoices in FreshBooks for packages or products sold through Acuity, but it's possible using Zapier.  Just select the "New Product Order" trigger for Acuity and the "Create Paid Invoice" or "Create Invoice" actions for FreshBooks to get started.

When appointments are booked using a package code, the total price for the appointment will be $0.  Creating invoices for these appointments can be disabled by unchecking "Create an invoice even if the appointment is free".

Classes & Recurring Appointments

We create invoices in FreshBooks for each appointment in Acuity.  Anytime multiple appointments are scheduled at once (such as a class series, multiple class slots, or recurring appointments) an invoice will be created for each.  This allows additional flexibility when handling cancellations and rescheduling.

To send combined statements in FreshBooks, first make sure sending invoices by email is disabled in Acuity.  After new appointments are booked in Acuity, you can mark invoices as sent in FreshBooks and send a combined statement manually.

Tips & Over Payments

Acuity is only able to sync payments up to the full value of each invoice. Tips will need to be recorded separately, but the Tips Report in Acuity is there to help with that. 

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