Under Business Settings > Integrations you can integrate Drip. Click "Sign in to Drip" to log in, allowing us to add and update subscribers in Drip, and select a campaign to sync new appointments to.

You can subscribe clients to a Drip campaign when they book. Just create an intake form with a Checkbox or Yes/No Choice question like "Do you want to join our mailing list?" and select it.

Once you've saved your selection, each new appointment will sync the client's name, email, last appointment date, and last appointment type to Drip.  New subscribers will receive an opt-in confirmation email and be added when they confirm.

To sync your current list of clients, first go to Appointments > Clients > Import/Export and Export Clients to Excel. Then import the CSV file in Drip by going to Subscribers -> Imports/Bulk Ops in Drip.

Why don't I see new subscribers?

Only clients who answered yes to your opt-in question will be subscribed.  New subscribers receive an opt-in confirmation email from Drip before they are added to your list.  Book a test appointment to try things out!

How do I subscribe clients to different campaigns?

Acuity's Drip integration only syncs to a single campaign, but it's possible to sync to multiple campaigns using Zapier.

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