Calendar Sharing: Assign an Appointment to Two Staff Members/Providers

Note: Acuity’s support team will need to enable a setting in your account before calendar linking becomes available.  This is only available on the Growing Business and Powerhouse Player plans. Contact support and they’ll take care of you. 

If two people need to both be available to take an appointment––like a couples massage––then a “joint” calendar can be created that’s linked to each person’s individual calendar.

When two calendars are linked together, Calendar B will automatically be blocked off when an appointment is scheduled on Calendar A (and vice versa), so you’ll never need to worry about double-booking!

Basically, it goes like this: if James and Julie both book individual appointments and joint appointments where they work together, three calendars will be created.

Calendars would be created for “James” and “Julie” in the Business Settings > Availability & Calendars page,  each calendar with that staff member's personal availability input to take appointments at.  Then, a “James & Julie” calendar would be created with availability input for when both staff members are available. 

In the Settings tab of the joint calendar (under the Sharing section––which needs to be enabled by Acuity support), check the boxes next to the individual calendars you’d like to link. So in the “James & Julie” calendar, you’d select James and Julie.

Once their calendars are linked, Acuity prevents double-bookings by blocking off time on the James & Julie calendar whenever an appointment is booked on either of their individual calendars. When an appointment is booked on the James & Julie calendar, time will be blocked off on both of their individual calendars as well. 

In the Business Settings > Manage Users page, you can even give each staff member access to their personal and joint calendars. This way, they can log in and view or manage appointments and availability as needed. And that means less work for you!

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