Syncing Acuity to Other Calendar Software

With Acuity you can sync appointments to Google, iCloud, or Outlook, in order to view Acuity appointments in another calendar program. iCloud, Exchange, Office 365 and will sync 200 days into the future, and Google will sync 1 year out!

Syncing can be done as a:

  • 1-way sync — to just add Acuity appointments into your calendar.
  • 2-way sync — to add Acuity appointments into your calendar and add events into Acuity to block off your scheduling calendar.
  • Events that sync over from another calendar program will display in the daily and weekly calendar views in the Appointment Calendar page. 

Note:  Appointments and events need to be edited in the calendar program they were created in.  

If an Acuity appointment is rescheduled/cancelled in another calendar program those changes will not be reflected in Acuity.  In order for the proper notifications to be sent to clients and appointments to be updated on your Acuity calendar, appointment changes must be made in Acuity.

Changing your Calendar’s Password: Changing your password for Google, iCloud, or Outlook will revoke Acuity's access to your calendar and will disable syncing. If your calendars password is changed, then the sync must be reconnected in the Sync with Other Calendars page.

Google Syncing

Google syncing can be enabled in Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars > Google Calendar.  Clicking “Allow Access to Google Calendar” will allow you to log into Google and give Acuity access to begin syncing. 

Our docs on setting up Google syncing and how multiple users can each sync to their own Google calendars can provide further instruction as you're setting that up. 

iCloud Syncing

iCloud syncing can be enabled in Business Settings > Sync with Other Calendars > iCloud.  Clicking "Sign in to iCloud" will let you to sign into iCloud, authorizing us to access your iCloud calendar and add appointments.

Our docs on setting up iCloud syncing and how multiple users can sync their calendars can guide you further as you're setting up that up.

Outlook Syncing

Acuity Scheduling supports 2-way syncing with Office 365,, and Exchange.  If you're using another version of Outlook that doesn't support a 2-way sync you can still set up a 1-way subscription to add Acuity appointments into your version of Outlook.  

For guidance on connecting Acuity to your Outlook calendar, check out our docs on Office 365,, and Exchange syncing, as well as how multiple users can sync their calendars

Not sure which version of Outlook you're using?  Our Debugging Outlook syncing doc can help out!

More of a visual learner? Check out our quick webinar on syncing!

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