Referrals from your customers

You can track and reward your customers for referring people to you in a few different ways through Acuity.

Custom Intake Forms

The simplest way to start tracking referrals is to create a new custom intake form to ask customers who referred them when they schedule an appointment.

Responses will appear in their appointment details, or you can see a summary of referrals through the  Intake Forms Report by opting to report on that question.

To reward customers who bring in referrals you can create new coupon codes and distribute them on your own to customers.

Using Referral Candy

To automate referral tracking, Referral Candy can be integrated with your account, asking customers to recommend your business in exchange for rewards.

Sign up and go through the setup process at Make sure the store URL entered is your Acuity scheduling page URL. If your scheduler is embedded on your own website, then use the webpage URL the scheduler is embedded on.

You can view your store URL in your store settings.

After that, check out the Acuity Integrations and choose Referral Candy (under the Conversion Tracking category). From there, you’ll enter your App ID and Secret Key, then save.

Your App ID and Secret Key can be found inside of Referral Candy under the Plugin tokens section within the Admin Settings:

You can create coupon codes for Referral Rewards and Friend Offers within Acuity.  Just create a coupon code for whatever offer you’d like and set it to be used once per customer (unless you’re feeling ultra-generous). Inside of Referral Candy, choose multi-use code and enter the coupon code you created. 

Testing Referral Candy

You can test your referral program in the Integration settings in Referral Candy. Scroll down under the 'Are you a developer?' header (don't worry, you don't actually need to be!) and click on 'Javascript Integration' button.



Then click on the 'Test Integration' button.


If you are able to get through all the steps that means your integration is working!

Now when customers schedule an appointment their information (including email address) will be sent to Referral Candy so they will be asked to share, and any sharing referrals will be tracked.



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