Rooms and other Resources

Rooms/Resources allow you to limit your availability to make sure that a certain resource is available when an appointment is booked. Clients won't see these, resources act as an additional restriction on top of your Availability and Scheduling Limits.

This works best when you have several calendars where different appointment types rely on a limited number of resources (like rooms, cars, etc.).  For example, if you employ 5 therapists to share 3 rooms for their in-person appointments, you’d need to create a resource for Rooms to make sure that at least one room is available when an in-person appointment is booked. 

Here’s a little walk-through of how you’d go about that:

  1. Create a separate calendar for each therapist
  2. Create a resource for Rooms with a quantity of 3 that applies to your in-person appointments:
  3. Now when someone books an in-person appointment, it will require one room. This means that the most in-person appointments that can be booked at one time is 3, because after that you’re outta rooms. Once all rooms are used up other therapists can still accept phone appointments though, since the resource doesn't apply to that appointment type. 

If an appointment type relies on multiple resources then all resources must be available for that appointment to be booked.

Appointments will use the resource for the duration of the appointment plus any padding. Negative padding for overlapping appointments will be ignored, so only positive padding will be included.


Classes and Resources

Classes can also rely on rooms/resources, but for multi-person appointment types or classes, only one resource will be consumed for the entirety of the attendees.  Each attendee in the class will not consume a resource.

For example, if you have 3 rooms and offered a Group Therapy class, only one room would be deducted from the Rooms resource.  That way, the other two rooms can still be used for other in-person appointments.

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