Where do clients enter the coupon code or code from an appointment package?

The code from:

  • A promotion such as a coupon
  • An appointment package
  • A gift certificate

will be entered by the client after the appointment type is chosen by clicking the "redeem" button located above your appointment type list, or above the dates available on your calendar.  If you have only coupons created that button will read "Redeem Coupon", if you have only packages created then the button will read "Redeem Package", etc., so the wording of the button would depend on the codes created in your own account.

If you have assigned a code to someone's email address, they can enter their email address instead of the random code to redeem it.

Note: Clients are only able to use one coupon or package code during booking. They cannot combine or stack codes.

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A package code can be added and applied to an already scheduled appointment on your calendar by the admin. This will deduct that appointment from the appointment package. To do that...

  • click the appointment on your calendar
  • choose "Edit" in the appointment details window toolbar
  • copy and paste the code into the "Code" field and click "Save Changes"

A green checkbox will appear verifying the certificate code and, after you save, the name of the appointment package will appear next to the code with a link to check the status of that particular client's appointment package.

And here's our exceedingly informative Webinar about coupons in Acuity. Check it out below :)

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