Can I change the wording or translate the Client Scheduling Page?

Yep! Under Customize Appearance > Scheduling Page Options on the Client's Scheduling Page tab, click "Change Scheduling Wording".  From there, you’ll be directed to an editor where you can click wording on the page and change what it says.

Click the Interact button in the upper-right corner to interact with and use the site normally. Once you’re ready to edit again, just click Resume to go back into edit mode. You'll need to create a test appointment or package to access each part you'd like to edit. 

The admin side is only available in English, but you can translate your Client’s Scheduling Page into any language –– People have used this to translate their pages into French, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Hebrew, and many others!

Look, we even made an instructional GIF to show you how it works: 

Note: Certain variables that depend on the appointment type a client chooses aren’t able to be translated.

If you’re outside of the US, there are several other changes you can make to adjust your account to be more accommodating, including:

  • Setting months, dates, and times to another language. Just contact support and all of the dates on the client’s scheduling page as well as emails will be altered.
  • Switching to a 24-hour format instead of AM/PM and also changing the day that weeks start on under Customize Appearance.
  • Changing your currency under Payment Settings.
  • In the list of appointment types the words "hours" and "minutes" can't be translated, but under Scheduling Page Options you can hide the duration, then include a translated duration in the description for that appointment type.
Keep in mind that some words, like “on” or “at” can’t be translated within dynamic content.


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