Appointment Packages & Gift Certificates

Create packages to give a discount on bulk purchase appointments or to lock clients into paying for multiple appointments upfront. Clients buying a package get a code that can then be redeemed for individual appointments. These features are available on Growing Business and Powerhouse plans.

Wondering about ways to use packages and gift certificates to give your clients holiday discounts and incentives? View the recorded live training here. 

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Appointment packages allow a client to pay for a several appointments at once. So if you want to offer a promotion like "5 appointments for the price of 4", that's doable with an appointment package!

In the Business Settings > Packages & Gift Certificates section, you can create a new appointment package by:

  1. Click 
  2. Title and price your package, with the option to add an image and description.  
  3. Check the "Hidden?" box if you'd like to keep the package private.  All packages created will display in your store for clients to purchase, but if you'd like to keep a package private for admin use, or to share with a specific client, you'll want to keep the package hidden.  
  4. Give your package an expiration date (optional).  
  5. Determine what your package can be redeemed for: total number of minutes, total $ amount, or total number of appointments. (Only certificates redeemable for a $ amount can be used to pay for add-ons to appointments.)

    When you create a package, there are three different redemption options available:

    Total number of minutes...

    • Allows the package to be redeemed for a total number of minutes applicable across a variety of Appointment Types or Classes.

    For example, you can set up a Package that is good for 120 minutes, and it can be redeemed across 5 different Appointment Types or Classes that add up to a total of 120 minutes.

    Total $ amount…

    • Allows the package to be redeemed for a total value of services applicable across a variety of Appointment Types or Classes. This dollar amount is the total <redemption value of the package, not the cost of the package to the client (they can be different).

    For example, you can set up a Package that costs $100, and it can be redeemed across 5 different Appointment Types or Classes for a total redemption value of $150. 

    Unlimited of these appointments...

    • Allows the package to be redeemed for any number of a variety of appointment types 

    For example, you can set up a Package that is $100 that clients can book an unending amount of appointments or classes.

    Total number of appointments…

    • Allows the package to be redeemed for a total number of a variety of Appointment Types or Classes.

    For example, you can set up a Package that is good for 5 total appointments, and you can define the quantities of Appointment Types or Classes that can be redeemed (1 of Appointment Type A, 3 of Appointment Type B, and 1 of Class C).

    After clients purchase a package they'll see the package code that's been generated, and they'll be emailed the code as well, which they'll use on your scheduling page to redeem for their appointments. 



Gift Certificates

In Acuity, Gift Certificates can be created to be used for any appointment type you offer. Gift certificates work the same as packages, except you can create a printable gift certificate that clients can use or give to their friends to use.

A great use for gift certificates is to redeem a dollar amount off from appointments. If the balance of certificate is less than appointment price it can still be used for part of the balance. The certificate can also be applied to add-ons. 


Note: Gift Certificates cannot be used to purchase non-service items!

To offer a printable gift certificate, Edit a package and make sure the box next to "Show a printable gift certificate after purchasing" to include a link to view and print a gift certificate.

  • This is included on the confirmation page after purchasing, in the confirmation e-mail to them, and you can also look it up for a client by viewing their past order.   

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Adding Terms and Conditions to Packages and Gift Certificates

You can require clients to agree to your terms and conditions before purchasing a package, gift certificate or subscription. To set this feature up, go to Business Settings > Packages & Gift Certificates. Check the box next to Require clients agree to your terms before placing an order.

A new field will appear, which will allow you to enter your wording. You can format your text, including using HTML. And if your terms and conditions are hosted on another site, you can link to that site.

Clients will have to agree to these terms before they can enter their payment information.


Package Codes for Dollar Amounts 

If your client has a package code for a dollar amount that they have a remainder left on after purchasing an appointment, they can use the remainder left on the package code for partial credit toward a subsequent booking. 

  • For example: You have a package for $70, good for $70 worth of an appointment type, and the appointment booked is $50, the client will have $20 remaining on their package code.
    • The code can be applied toward the payment of another booking, with the remainder paid with a credit card from your Client's Scheduling Page.
    • So the client would be charged $30 for the next appointment, with $20 on the code applied to that $50 appointment. 

      It will look like this in your client's appointment booking:

      This shows payment via code and credit card.


How to Export Orders

You can export a list of orders you have received for packages and gift certificates. The list will export as a .csv file (which can be opened in Excel or Google Sheets). It will include all orders made through the Client Scheduling Page (but not codes generated from the admin end of Acuity). Only the first payment of a subscription will be listed. To export the list:

Your file will download to your device.

How to Purchase a Package, Gift Certificate, or Product 

Watch this screencast showing how clients would purchase and redeem a package below:


1. From the Client's Scheduling Page

To purchase non-service items, both if the client wants to purchase for themselves or if you sell these items in person or over the phone, one must go to your online Store Page. You can get to this through the View Products/Packages link at the top of your Client's Scheduling Page. 

  • Depending on your Package & Gift Certificate Settings, your Store Page is accessible directly from your Client's Scheduling Page, either in line with your services, or as a link at the top of your Client's Scheduling Page. 

2. From the Admin Side of Acuity

To process the purchase of packages and gift certificates over the phone or in person, you will need to go to your Store Page and process the purchase there -- there is no admin backend for processing product/package purchases. 

You can find your store link under Business Settings > Packages & Gift Certificates


Note: Link to Purchase button will list what you're currently selling (e.g. Subscriptions, gift certificates)

Bookmark your direct link to your Store Page in your browser for quick access for processing these sales!

3. Embed the Store Page on your Website

You can also embed your online store separately on your website, under Business Settings > Packages & Gift Certificates in Acuity click the "Link to Purchase" button in the upper right to view the code to embed.




After a client purchases a package or gift certificate from your online store page a code will be generated for the client to redeem for appointments and also a link for them to schedule their appointments. 

  • The code or email used to purchase is needed to redeem appointments on a package.
    • The unique package code is included both on the final receipt page after purchasing, and in the email, along with a link to schedule the appointment in both. 
    • When using Add Code to manually generate a code, you can assign it to any email address. This will show the email in the list of codes so you can see easier who you generated it for.
    • Clients can enter an email address in the code field instead of needing to have the exact random code, to redeem a certificate. 
  • When a code, or email associated with a package code is used towards an appointment, it will deduct that appointment from the balance of their package.
  • After the client has used up all appointments on their code, their code will become invalid.
  • When clients are scheduling an appointment they can enter a code on the second page right before paying or on the payment page. This will also remind them if they have any codes they can redeem for this appointment based on the email address they entered.
  • Individual codes can be edited within a package or gift certificate and change:
    • The expiration date for that individual code
    • How many appointments the code can be redeemed for
    • Which client the code is assigned to

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