Set Up Your Availability

Check out our webinar all about setting up and using this feature HERE!

If you’ve got two minutes, check out this short video to help you set up your availability!

Acuity will allow you to book as many appointments as fit into your availability.  If your hours are 9:00am-5:00pm and you offer 60-minute appointments, the last available appointment will be 4:00pm.

You can set up your hours in Business Settings > Availability.

Regular Weekly Hours

If you work regular weekly hours Monday-Friday from 9:00am-4:30pm, with an hour lunch break at noon, you would set your hours to "9:00am-12:00pm, 1:00pm-4:30pm" (be sure to separate time ranges with a comma). 



Availability for Specific Days (Irregular Hours)

If your business doesn't have regular weekly hours, uncheck the "This calendar has regular hours every week" box.

Next, scroll down to the full calendar view and enter in your availability for individual dates! You'll have to enter in your times manually for each date for this option. 

If you need to modify the schedule for just one day, or extend your hours, this is where you want to makes these changes!

Scroll down to the monthly availability calendar and click on an individual date on the calendar, then edit those hours for each specific day.

For instance, if you wanted to change your hours on May 17th to be available from 11:00am-7:00pm you would:

  1. Click on May 17th on your availability calendar.  
  2. Set the hours to "11:00am-7:00pm" for that day.
  3. Click "Set Hours" to finalize your availability.

When you’re finished, the calendar will display all of your regular hours like normal (if you also have regular hours), but will BOLD the exceptions that you've entered. 

Holiday & Vacation Hours

If you have a holiday or vacation coming up for which you need to take off time, you can block off time for the dates you plan to be closed! Do this with the Block button, located above your main Appointment Calendar. You can learn more about blocking off time in your Acuity calendar here


Alternate Weekly Hours

Want to alternate weekly hours? We’ve got a magic wand for that, too. Click on into this article to find out how.


Limit the Number of Appointments Per Day & Double Booking

Want to limit the number of appointments per day? You can set the max number of appointments you can accept each day under Settings in Availability & Calendars. You'll have two choices to choose from in the dropdown, either to accept a number of appointments till you're fully booked or set a maximum amount of appointments you want to allow per day. This is also the area were you can opt to allow for double booking

Set Limits for Specific Appointment Types or Groupings of Appointments

You can also set this up per appointment type or grouping of appointment types, too. To do this, you'll want to dive into the magical realm of setting up your Availability by Appointment Type. You'll want to read this article for the complete lowdown on this feature!

You'll see the same settings to choose from for specific appointment types or groupings once you set up Availability by Appointment Type:

When you click (change), more settings will be revealed to set up your scheduling limits per type or grouping.


Limit How Far in Advance Appointments can be Scheduled

Want to limit how far in advance clients can book? The minimum and maximum amount of time in advance clients are allowed to book can be set under Scheduling Limits. This is the lead time for appointments. You can set different lead times by calendar, or if you set different availability for different appointment types it can also be set per group of appointment types.


Complex Setups

Have a more complex setup, like 4 therapists who share rooms on certain days? Contact us and we can help walk you through getting set up.

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