"Book Now" Call to Action Button 

You can add a "Book Now" call to action button to your Facebook page!  First, sign in to Facebook and navigate to your Facebook Business Page. Click on the blue “+ Add a Button” button on the right under your cover photo.

Since you’ll be asking customers to book an appointment, it makes sense to select “Book our Services” and then “Book Now” for the button text, but you can choose from any of the options here. Once you click on “Book Now”, you’ll be asked to add the link to the website you want the button to go. This is where you’ll enter the link to your Client’s Scheduling Page. Click “Add Button” at the bottom, and — boom! — you’ve got a handy “Book Now” button on your Facebook Business Page.

Book Appointment Tab 

You can also add your Client's Scheduling Page into a Facebook Business Page using Acuity Scheduling's Facebook app!

Heads up! Facebook requires pages to have at least 2,000 followers before adding a custom page tab. If you see a warning like This page does not have permission to install the custom tab that's what it's about!
Check out the Book Now call to action as an alternative.

You’ll need to be logged into your personal profile because that account is the admin for your Business Page. Not to worry, though, the scheduler can only be added to Business Pages! You can find the app here or search for the app in the Facebook search bar - be sure to choose the app and not our business page (though if you want to give our page a ‘Like’, that would be grand!).

When you click on the link for our app, you’ll be taken to a page with a button that say “Install Acuity Scheduling Page Tab”, like so:

When you click that button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can choose which Facebook Business Page to embed your scheduler on:

Select your Business Page from the dropdown and click “Add Page Tab”.

For the next step, you’ll need to have the link for your Client’s Scheduling Page handy, so head over to Scheduling Page Link in your Acuity account to grab it.

Now, add the link to your Scheduling Page in the field under “Standalone scheduling page address:” and click “Save Changes”.

And, ta-da, you should see your Client’s Scheduling Page embedded on your Facebook Business Page! As the admin, you’ll see the link at the top of the scheduler, but regular visitors to the page won’t see that!

Clients can access your scheduler by clicking on the “Book Appointment” tab on the left of the page.



An error message shows when Book Now is clicked

If an error message shows when the Book Now button is clicked, make sure you do not have "www." before your Acuity Client's Scheduling Page URL! Your URL should have this format with no "www.": 

Sharing my Scheduling Page Displays Outdated Business Info

Sometimes Facebook has stored an old version of a scheduling page and displays the old information when sharing the scheduling page link.  It's easy to refresh Facebook's memory in two easy steps, though!

First visit https://developers.facebook.com/tools/debug/og/object and input the URL you are sharing, then click "Fetch new scrape information":

Second, click the "Canonical URL" and click "Fetch new scrape information" again:

That's it!  Facebook now has the latest copy of your scheduling page, and the next time you share a link they should have the most up to date information.

Schedule Appointment Tab Not Showing on Mobile/Facebook App

Facebook's mobile app does not support showing page tabs (like the Book Appointment tab where the Acuity scheduler gets added), but you can add a separate "Book Now" button that is accessible via mobile! Check out our Facebook Mobile: "Book Now" Button help article for more details on how to set this up.

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