Payment Processors that Integrate with Acuity

You can use PayPal, Stripe, Square, Braintree, or to accept client payments. Each comes with its own payment flow and fees. 

Payment Processor Pay directly from scheduling page Pay after booking & Accept Tips Subscriptions and Vaulting Credit Card for later
Stripe Yes Yes Yes
Square Yes Yes Yes
PayPal No (client redirected to to pay) No No
Braintree Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No


Stripe allows clients to make payment for an appointment right from your Client Scheduling Page. This way clients can book and pay for their appointment without ever leaving Acuity!

Stripe also allows you to capture a client’s credit card as they schedule, which is stored in Stripe for you to charge at a later time––this is great if you book on clients’ behalf, have a no-show, or charge cancellation fees. This charging process doesn’t happen automatically though; you’ll need to go in and do it manually. 
Stripe doesn’t charge a monthly fee, but they do have a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (for US).  You can learn more about Stripe payments here


Square supports all of the same features in Acuity Scheduling as Stripe. It's a great option if you also take payments in person or already use Square products. Acuity payments will appear in your Square transactions and customers will be added to your Square customer list.

Square allows us to process through their eCommerce portion of the site so the fees that Square charges will be the same as other eCommerce transactions.

Unlike other payment processors, Square is not able to automatically send receipts after a payment is made so only the appointment confirmation email will be sent to clients.

Square charges a rate of 2.9% + $0.30 for all payments processed through them by 3rd parties, such as Acuity, which is different than than their in-person card swiping rate of 2.75%.

Square readers will not work inside Acuity & all credit card info will have to be manually entered.


PayPal will redirect clients from Acuity to in order to complete a payment. Once a payment is processed in PayPal, it will be confirmed and the confirmation email will be sent. The client will be redirected back to Acuity's appointment confirmation page. 
PayPal’s standard fee is also 2.9% +$0.30 in the US, but additional fees apply for international users. You can learn more about PayPal on their Pricing Page.
Clients do NOT have the option to add a tip and/or you cannot require a valid credit card, but don't charge if you choose PayPal as your processor. If those features are important to your business check out Stripe, Braintree, or Square. 


Like Stripe and Square, clients are able to pay for appointments using Braintree without leaving your Client Scheduling Page. They charge a transaction fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction in the U.S.

For more information on payments with Braintree and rates in your country, check out their Pricing Page. clients can pay for appointments within your Acuity scheduling page. But unlike their competitors, they do require a merchant account (a bank account that allows the account holder to accept credit card payments). If you don’t have a merchant account already, you can sign up for one as part of their on-boarding process. has the same transaction fee as the others (2.9% + $0.30), but also charge a monthly fee. You can get more information on their pricing here, and you may also be charged a monthly fee by your merchant account, separate from any charges from 

If you want to accept payments through Acuity, you must use one of the 5 processors mentioned above. Use something that's not listed? Let us know here. 

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Check out our guide, Accepting Payments in your Acuity Account!


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